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  1. Charlton are going to try and sign him on a permenant deal in January . http://www.thestar.co.uk/sportheadlines/Sheffield-Wednesday-Addicks-keen-to.5826678.jp
  2. Im shocked to learn saudi Arabia has bingo Halls :o
  3. My Bold Where as its ok for The Polish to invade us ,as has happened over the last few years
  4. Everyone is welcome to come and help . The objective is to Clear the rubbish and garbage out of Westwood Park , this is just another phase of that plan .
  5. Matron pops in and unlocks her padded room door
  6. Id be very shocked if you dont easily beat the posh . 3-0 blades but if it happens to end up pear shaped ,i dont see Blackwell in a job next monday
  7. thanks Jenny . ive sent you a message regarding this . Im trying to get some black bags and gloves from the chap in charge of this area`s woodlands at sheffield council . they have been superb with putting up barriers ,new fences ,and blocking off access for vehicles getting in westwood . He is fully supporting of this clean up day and has offered to help in any way he can . This clean up is a way local residents doing their bit in westwood . The council have spent a large amoount of money already up there on the security measures they have installed ,so this is a way of us contributing to the ongoing works up there.
  8. Ive really enjoyed the first couple of episodes . Roz gets sexier every series .:love:
  9. What about all the stuff people cant get in their wheelie bin ? Restricting people to 12 visits per year is only going to result in more fly tipping . I use High Green tip twice a week ,every week to get rid of various stuff ., so 12 visits a year is no good . Luckily i know a couple of the lads at our tip ,and they cant count
  10. wonder if McDonalds are buying some of that meat for their burgers over here :gag:
  11. :hihi: makes a change from the chinese cooking dogs
  12. Three tramps In Russia suspected of murdering and eating a man and selling parts of his body to a Kebab and pie kiosk http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World-News/Russia-Police-Have-Arrested-Three-Homeless-Men-Suspected-Of-Killing-And-Eating-A-25-Year-Old-Male/Article/200911315453983?lpos=World_News_Top_Stories_Header_4&lid=ARTICLE_15453983_Russia%3A_Police_Have_Arrested_Three_Homeless_Men_Suspected_Of_Killing_And_Eating_A_25-Year-Old_Male Wish id read this before having my kebab at teatime
  13. now who being a snob . what do you class as uneducated ?
  14. :loopy: you would know all about embarrassing yourself on a thread ,given your attempt to defend the poppy box thieves
  15. Im sorry . this is a breaking news story ive posted on a forum . :huh: Do i take it we should only post stories that are Left leaning ?
  16. Good choice . The party did well there in 2005 http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Politics/Nick-Griffin-To-Stand-At-General-Election-BNP-Leader-To-Contest-Barking-Constituency-East-London/Article/200911315454135?lpos=Politics_Second_UK_News_Article_Teaser_Region_2&lid=ARTICLE_15454135_Nick_Griffin_To_Stand_At_General_Election%3A_BNP_Leader_To_Contest_Barking_Constituency%2C_East_London
  17. No , but the resident Hand Wringers on here are a good example of what the Lefties are about ,and multiplied many many times throughout the country explains why we are in the state we are in .
  18. I must admit to sharing your view of The Guardian .
  19. No ,all the Apologists are too busy on here to have time to be a judge
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