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  1. Leopold Street, near the top of Fargate. Used to be Laskys and Fountain Bar.
  2. A Saturday night in The Green Room.
  3. I don't think the viewing figures suggest it's past it's sell by date.
  4. The chippy I remember was in the middle of a row of terraced houses going up Hollinsend Road before Gleadless School. Ended up a Chinese I think. There's a row of newish bungalows there now.
  5. I can only remember the chippy on the left hand side going up. Can't remember the name though.
  6. Never mind the dog muck, it's the cat muck I can't stand. Every time I cut the grass there's a new pile and they only ever do it in the thickest of grass, so that when you do cut it, it ends up in your lawnmower. If I'd have wanted a cat I'd have bought one. Cats never seem to do it on their own garden and it's not right especially with children about that they are free to do it wherever. That's my Victor Meldrew rant over.
  7. P floor from the Hallamshire, but you'd probably struggle to park up there!
  8. I know it's not glamorous but the view from the Norfolk Park area over the city is great.
  9. The land keeps getting cleared every couple of years. There is planning permission for several dwellings on this site and has been for over 20 years, but for some reason or other nothing has happened. As far as I am aware it is North homes that own it, but not sure if North homes is still in business.
  10. Browns is open, had a great meal there last Sunday after having a couple of drinks in the newly refurbished All Bar One.
  11. Good to see the trees back in Fitzalan Square, in fact it's nice to see lot's of greenery in the city centre. Pity about the skip in Paradise Square.
  12. V for Vendetta. One of those films, that when it's on and I join it halfway through I have to carry on watching it.
  13. We are having a barbecue tomorrow. Me, my wife and dsughter. We're not having a party, just a meal and as I said earlier you can now get coals from the co op in Woodhouse after a few days of them out of stock. If they didn't want you to buy them, they wouldn't stock them.
  14. Some in co op at Woodhouse today, must admit there's not alot about.
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