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  1. Good to see the trees back in Fitzalan Square, in fact it's nice to see lot's of greenery in the city centre. Pity about the skip in Paradise Square.
  2. V for Vendetta. One of those films, that when it's on and I join it halfway through I have to carry on watching it.
  3. We are having a barbecue tomorrow. Me, my wife and dsughter. We're not having a party, just a meal and as I said earlier you can now get coals from the co op in Woodhouse after a few days of them out of stock. If they didn't want you to buy them, they wouldn't stock them.
  4. Some in co op at Woodhouse today, must admit there's not alot about.
  5. Just tried to get rom Woodhouse to the Northern General, alot of roads closed around Attercliffe so had to head back to town and go that way.
  6. Went last week and must say the food was really nice. It has been refurbished to a high standard and although a little over attentive, the staff were really friendly. Like all good curry houses they have Cobra on tap. Worth a visit.
  7. Try the Brunch n Lunch on Matilda Street, just off the Moor. All their food is delicious.
  8. £27.88 a week in 1983 to 84 as an apprentice electrician, never any different even if you did overtime.
  9. Try the Town Hall, my daughter and my niece did theirs there.
  10. Literally thousands at Barkers Pool and the silence was impeccable.
  11. You can't compare cities with cities, every single one of them has their own identity and everyone of them has areas and places unique to that city. I visited Sheffield city centre on Saturday afternoon and to be honest it was very lively. I got off the bus outside All Bar One at 4.30 and it was packed. Walked past Leopold Square and the same there. I carried on past the water fountains in the Peace Gardens and surprisingly it was busy there too. Nobody seemed to be bothered by beggars and everyone seemed to be having a good time. I carried on down to Browns for a drink but had to have it inside because all the tables were busy outside. This doesn't seem like a city that is lacking any kind of nightlife or public squares that require big TV screens and as I said each city is unique I went to Manchester last weekend on the train and we only walked 10 minutes to our hotel in Piccadilly Gardens. I saw more beggars in that 10 minutes than I did all night in Sheffield. I'm not saying Sheffield hasn't got a problem with beggars, but we aren't any better or worse than anywhere else. I still enjoyed my weekend in Manchester but no better than my night out in Sheffield. For what it's worth, I think Sheffield isn't quite as bad as some people seem to suggest it is. It's not perfect, but nowhere is.
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