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  1. It's even better when they say " cash only" Never have any in my wallet!
  2. I've lodged in Telford and for the life of me I really don't know how it came second. It's a glorified Milton Keynes, or perhaps not even as good as that.
  3. If it's the one I'm thinking of, they're turning it into an Indian street food restaurant. Looks like it's nearly finished as well.
  4. I can remember a couple of sink holes occurring in the 70s on Kirkby View and Kirkby Drive but not sure whether it was related to old mines that had been there.
  5. We went for the weekend and everywhere was absolutely rammed. It was like everything was back to normal on Saturday night especially, Greek Street was just a sea of people and most restaurants were really busy.
  6. The Yorkshire fishcake with the poached egg on top is delicious.
  7. Think I read somewhere that some hazardous substances had been dumped there, so they decided to clear the whole site. Maybe wrong though.
  8. Try Savoy timber, only problem is you'll have to pay for delivery as they're based in the Wigan area. I've very recently bought some 4m decking boards from them and it was about a 4 day wait for delivery.
  9. Try Purdys at Woodhouse Mill, very helpful and friendly.
  10. Gleadless first and middle school on Hollinsend Road, 71-79
  11. You can park in the multistorey at the Hallamshire, it's free and it doesn't get full at the moment.
  12. Practical do a pick up on the Saturday but you have to have it till Tuesday, £135 and that's for a Transit Van.
  13. I remember " Chris's Ices" . He used to come round our estate at Gleadless in the late 70s and early 80s. Always seemed to have cotton wool in his ears.
  14. The problem at the moment ( and it's happening at the Northern General) is that people think it's ok to park in disabled spaces when other spaces are full. It's not fair on elderly people and people that struggle to walk to deny them these spaces.
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