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  1. A primark and a cinema would be good do we really need any more bargain home stores? And supermarkets ?? Are sainsburys, asda and morrisons not enough?
  2. They have always been nice to me! Best to give them a call you could always go and have a look around
  3. Yes I take my little boy there for baby swim classes? What are you wanting to know ?
  4. I think our blue boxes have been taken as well as we put them out yesterday and they had gone when we got home? But we didn't get a note on our blue bin so what do we do with all?
  5. Where abouts was this we had our house broken into on Charlotte road 2 weeks ago! They kicked the panel on the door through and snapped the door! Also another landlord I know had his done last week on Clough road! Again door kicked through!
  6. Both me and my partner use morrisons for fuel both diesal and his van has been having issues with power and firing recently and my car keeps getting an Engine warning light randomly on and off! I don't know if they are related but you never know!
  7. Your still not really giving a valid reason! Anyway I personally have never had any problems with Enet and I have been using them for 5 years at least now! They have sorted all sorts of problems from virus's cracked iphone screens, new laptops, new computers and fixing my netbook!
  8. I really think if your going to slate a company on every computer post on Sheffield forum you should tell the whole story!
  9. Change agents! New agents will give you a new view on your house new pictures and maybe some new people on their list!
  10. I think this is the Haybrook lettings number!! But I can't be sure because of the incorrect spacing!
  11. Is there anywhere I'm sheffield that provide a cleaning service. I don't feel confident enough to clean my canon 550d lol
  12. The queen at mosbrough is very good we used it and brought our own food
  13. Kilners cakes in dronfield!! Amazing cakes and good prices just had my 3rd cake made there! Love them xxx https://m.facebook.com/pages/Kilners-Cakes/458872344150167?id=458872344150167&refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fpages%2FKilners-Cakes%2F458872344150167
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