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  1. I know this is short notice but is there anyone mobile available to put me a full set of French acrylic tips on tonight or first thing tomorrow morning? I'm in halfway s20. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone I appreciate this is a long shot but I was wondering if anybody has the ability to, or could point me in the direction of someone who could personalise me a couple of cotton handkerchieves. I know some sewing machines have this facility and I wondered of anyone here could do it for me... I will pay of course. Thanks in advance
  3. ^^^ Just because people are showing concern for their environment doesn't mean they're "whinging and whining". I wouldn't be happy if the supermarket was going to be built in my back garden and sympathise with those who it will affect but then again some people are more interested in saving a couple of 2p's here and there...
  4. Right... I just had an email from the person responsible for the play area/ development between Deepwell and Oxclose- anyone who is concerned about how the Tesco will affect the approved play area is recommended to go to the exhibition (dates as above) as it is the land adjacent.
  5. Just to confirm what the others say- they are REALLY expensive; our friends paid over £1500 for theirs. They kind of trap you because the photos are so beautiful it's hard to resist! Try to enjoy your freebie and remember there are loads of accomplished photographers out there that can produce just as beautiful piccies at a fraction of the cost x
  6. I have to agree here- the road from the tram roundabout to Morrisons is a very busy fast road and it's not a rare occurrence to see someone struggle to cross. I think given there's a school on the road and it's a main passway for a lot of people a zebra crossing at the very least needs to considered. To the PP sorry the letter didn't really say much more- I do feel for you though we very nearly bought a house overlooking the land that I think the store will be built on- lucky for us we'll not be effected where we are but it must be a headache if it disrupts you.
  7. Hi Everyone Hope I'm posting in the right place. Me and my friend are doing a car boot next Sunday and i'm taking all my little girls clothes- they're mainly Next, Gap etc in excellent cond. Not entirely sure how best to price them- was thinking 50p - £1 (for coats and dresses etc) is this reasonable? Thanks
  8. Yes (sorry it's the 20th as well): Thursday 20th May 4pm- 8pm Friday 21st May 10am-2pm at Halfway Elderly Peoples Club, 7 James Walton Court (off Station Road) S20 3GY
  9. It says modern , spacious shopping experience with a wide range of goods- not sure if it's going to be an extra. They're creating 450 new jobs. There's a public exhibition starting 21st May so should know more then I guess!
  10. The letter we received this morning was from Tesco and it says the proposed store will be off Oxclose Park Rd- guessing it will be next to Lavers (if you google map it there's a large piece of land to the side). I actually get my food from Tesco so it will be handier for me personally but just can't believe how many supermarkets there will be with in such a short distance!
  11. Hi everyone I received a letter this morning to tell me they are proposing a new Tesco off Oxclose Park Road in Halfway. I think it's great that new jobs are going to be brought to the area but this new supermarket is going to be a stones throw from the existing Morrisons??? Does anyone have any more info?
  12. Hi I'm looking for some recommendations as to where to buy flower girl dresses from. I have something in mind and haven't been able to find what I'm after in Debenhams, Next etc so either looking for a speciality bridal store or preferably someone to make them for me. Many Thanks
  13. Hi Could anyone recommend a dress maker in south Sheffield/ Chesterfield please? Many Thanks
  14. Hi I have a pattern for a bridemaid dress. It is quite a simple pattern but I have 6 bridesmaids and I'm not sure I'd know where to start with 6!!!! Has anyone had their dresses made by a dressmaker- could you let me know who you used and roughly the costs??? Also, where di dyou get the fabric from? Thanks so much
  15. Confetti- they're £4.99 each My friend suggested trying a catering supplier- might be worth looking into! Don't get the cheap ones of Ebay- they fall over (round ball with a squirly holder)
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