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  1. thats sick,some people only see animals as money makers,what a sad world we live in
  2. but hes not alone i watch him,am i stil wrong?
  3. he learns that from being in garden with people on this road unfortunatly
  4. my lil man watches for cars never runs off and stays on the grass bt however is watched by myself but im geting the general feling this is wrong?
  5. thats exacly what my road is like,however stil couldnt leave him. unatended.
  6. i meant most of time im stood outside but sometimes sat in house but stil watching,sory didnt say that lolx
  7. due to a few comments made recently,a question id like answering,im a single first time mum so a bit of parental advice from others realy,i live on a crescent and bang in front of my house there is a grassy area where all the kids play,its so close i can see my son on it even sat on the sofa,however majority of time im sat outside watching him,he is only 3 but providing hes watched i personaly dint see a problem,however some people disagree with me what do you guys think x
  8. totaly sympathies with you my dylan has it. thankfuly after a full year hes just getting better,he chewed everything.floor.doors,toys.shoes clothes sofa everythng,i did try the crate but he wont be crated without other dog,in the end i had to put holes in the doorway to put bolts on kitchen door and now stays in there,that way he could learn to deal with it in hs own time,i also dont give him free roam of house,i also lock him outside for a few mins every so often,fed and walked exacley same times,dont make a fuss as soon as you walk in wait til dogs calm,radio while out helps toys to destroy i hope this all helps
  9. i was talking to somebody about my dogs and agreed an amount,have a 12hour shift very soon so need her,cnt remember her user and cleard my messages like a nugget,i think she was s6?
  10. afraid not i only use a phone,unles the lovley evie or moonbird would like to pinch a picture or 2 of him off facebook,smile nicely they may do hehe:D
  11. it has gone stupidly fast hasent it?
  12. happy birthday to dyl happy birthday to dylan happy birthday to dylan happy birthdaz to you pups,lng walk for you laterx
  13. went to town intending to get massive dog bones,got everythng but,ooops
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