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  1. iv just got bk from working abroad, on a cruise ship for a year! i dnt know what to do with myself now! LOOKING FOR SOME PEOPLE TO CHAT TO XX
  2. did anyone o to the Def Leppard gig at donny dome on monday nite? I got free tickets and it was absolutely brilliant! i never thaught that it was going to be as good as what it was! sammie
  3. dont you think snow is romantic?i do i dont know why tho!!!
  4. i was just woindering, what is the worst thing ever to happen to you. you dont have to say if you dont want i just wonderd thats all!
  5. does anyone know of a cure for a reallybad hangover. i went to the pub ti watch the footie yesterday and i went to batley and my rugby team lost and i passed my driving test! it was a mad day and i went out to celebrate/drown my sorrows and im paying for it now! can anyone help! the painkillers dont work! sammie
  6. im a student and i cant afford it tho to br honest im not thet bothered aboput it anyway
  7. a monthly one would be better for me as at the moment i aint been able to come but a montly one would be easier as its more regular and not such a one off!
  8. sammie


    i wish i could. theres no point giong to a pub when you cant drink yet!! (legally) im 18 soon tho so ill put it on my list! hehe sammie
  9. i went through a lot of bullying at school and i think you should be glad that your son told you what hes going through. i think the best you can do is keep a diary of what has been happening, see the headteacher, and if all else fails, see the local educationl authority. good luck sammie
  10. sammie


    hehehe yep! thats me -wired as wired can be! i rerally do think its the weather!
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