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  1. Thanks for the reply, think we may look at getting a flat window in ---------- Post added 29-06-2016 at 21:37 ---------- Thanks, thought it would be more expensive, bit shocked with the price quoted though
  2. We've just had a quote for a double glazed window, I can't remember the exact measurements but it's a small 2 bedroom bungalow. The price they gave us was £1,100 for a plain small bay window. I thought this was a bit steep, would it be any cheaper to stay with the flat window....
  3. Hiya I'm looking for Andy (don't know his surname) I think his forum name was Andy the Builder. Thanks!
  4. I'm looking for Andy the builder and joiner. I know he posts on here but I've lost his phone number. We need a job doing
  5. I knew this *smart* phone would go over my head being a pensioner, but I can't even find the blooming camera....help please
  6. We'd like a bit of advice please, we've just come home from our caravan at Chapel St Leonard's, we parked our car in the co op car park as we couldn't get a disabled space we parked up and displayed my blue badge. We did our shopping in the co op, went and had some dinner I'm sure there's no signs up well we didn't see one... As we're nearing 70 were not as quick as we were and I'm registered disabled, they say we were there an hour and a half I'm not sure about this How legal is this piece of paper anyone know, I'm all for not paying but my husband is a bit wary...thanks for any help :
  7. Thank you for your replies, going to look at better ear buds first:)
  8. Hi, I've always used ear buds but fed up of them falling out, need some advice on headphones. I need them for my smart phone and IPad been looking on Amazon but they're either dirt cheap or out of my range money wise...where's the best place to buy them Don't want anything too technical as I'm an oldie ?
  9. Thanks cgksheff Eased my mind a bit
  10. ive just read that Derbyshire has got a few cases of this occurred in last few days. Anyone know if this is serious today. I had this as a 3 yr old 60 odd yrs ago, I was in an isolation ward at LodgeMoor terrible memories of seeing my mum and dad behind a glass wall
  11. Try Knight Alarms (think its Gleadless) Barry is a lovely friendly bloke the kind you don't mind having in your house. We've had him install two alarms, what he doesn't know about alarms then no one does.. He's been in business for about 40 years....good bloke!
  12. im having problems with some abusive messages on Messenger, when I questioned the person involved, he said his account had been hacked, and one of his friends said they had received the same... This person wasn't on my friends list so I don't know how he could do it, I'm 66 and disabled so can do without this. Anyway after all that, what I want to know can I delete/ disable FB Messenger? Then I wouldn't see anything...
  13. We have a van at Chapel, I've used EE, no probs
  14. Thanks for all the advice, I've since found out he says it's his FBaccount that's been hacked, and a couple of his friends off the site have had the same thing. I got another one on my Messenger this morning, supposed to have come off the same person.. I've deactivated my account for a while cos it's getting a bit tiresome now, but I can't get rid of Messenger :huh:
  15. Thanks for this advice, we're still going to speak to the site owners tomorrow ☎️
  16. Thanks for answering, yes I'm ringing the site owners tomorrow, and I am an OAP ? He's not on my friends list but I have friends on his, I can only assume he's got through that way through messenger.. Some of the words were "hiya tubby" "ignorant sod' " fatso" he found a photo of mine and drew moustache beard and massive eyebrows in thick black felt tip.. All this in a joking manner ( supposedly) as I've never spoken to the man before this is wierd... He's a big friend of the outgoing wardens, they were sacked, I've no idea why, but I didn't get involved with the weeping and wailing from other van owners when these wardens went, maybe I didn't look sorry enough I don't know...
  17. ive received a veiled intimidating message from someone that I've never spoken to, but I've seen this person around on the site where we have a caravan. It's also insulting, as I'm disabled and 67 yrs old I can do without this... Anyone know what I could do, I was thinking of ringing the owners of the site, I don't want this snowballing into something I can't handle.. I also don't want my hubby thinking he's got have any stand up arguments with this person, my hubby's the same age as me, this mans in his 40's
  18. Thanks:) just needed to know how many hours I get for one GB...
  19. I've took on a mobile broadband for the holidays, I've got 1 gb a month how much would this give me roughly. Just for browsing the net
  20. Thanks tzijlstra, no worries we've no intention of skimping:) we've had CM in our house for years, also got one in this van sorry to hear about your problem, sounds like you were very lucky ---------- Post added 12-06-2014 at 13:56 ---------- Thanks nannyH, yes I thought that would be the case, just checking..
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