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  1. Glad I've seen this just gone to take a shower and was freezing thought it was broken. I'm in hackenthorpe hope they sort it before morning so kids can have a shower.
  2. Someones been knocked over looked like a school child hope there ok
  3. Well the head midwife also sqid that Chesterfield, Barnsley, rotherham and doncaster was also full and they couldnt send anyone there so where else is there to send people?
  4. It was the waiting room to the labour ward I understand that if people come in and they are in labour they should be first but thats the point im making they was in labour and giving birth and no beds. As for wendsday when your niece had her baby they midwife said they was really quite Monday to Thursday then it all started they should be some kind of back up plan in these situations I feel its appalling to have women who are going through an already scary experience to have the added stress of this on top
  5. I really cannot believe what I have seen today been in jessops for 2days now waiting for a bed on the labour ward they are really under staffed with no beds. Whilst waiting for 5hrs 2 poor women have given birth in the waiting room as there was no where for them to go!!! I cannot understand how this is even classed as appropriate. Im feeling really angry about it all to be honest and told the midwife in charge but is really not there fault.
  6. Mod Note: Please do not make duplicate threads of classified ads already posted.
  7. How much have you got for next? Im going there anyway could buy them of you? ---------- Post added 19-06-2013 at 11:31 ---------- Fetch me one and ill pay
  8. Ive kept it in a bag and will phone enviromental health first thing in morning
  9. Dont think I can put the name on here can I? I would love to name and shame them though been up most of night feeling sick!!!! Teech me to eat rubbish wont be doing it again
  10. The nan is made fresh in the shop so dread to think whats on the sides if that was found just cant believe they wasnt bothered to be honest will ring on monday and keep it and see what they do about it.
  11. Ive just had a kebab and found what looks like a bit of a plastic bag in the nan bread, so phone the shop to complain about it to be told well have u eaten any of it? What can I do about it? They just put the phone down like they get complaints all the time makes me feel sick.
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