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  1. Doesn't ring any bells to be honest - do you know what that's called?? Thanks for the reply! x
  2. Hi Guys I have a strange request. Heard a track the other day on a compilation and have no idea who it's by or what it's called, all I have are a few random lyrics to throw at you and see if you can help me with it. The album seemed to have a lot of recent tracks on it, so I'm guessing it isn't too old. Tried Google, but not a chance...! Ok, this is as much as I have, and there';s a few words missed out here and there too: "You're the one baby...... telephone rings.... caan't breathe when you're near me....." It was a brilliant track, really want to try and get hold of it Cheers peeps! x
  3. Hi guys! Thanks for the replies. I gave up in the end & had to panic buy a new SD card, ended up getting it from Boots £13.99 for a 512mb card plus 30 free prints - I know it isn't that cheap but was the best I could find in such a rush. I am a Mac user btw peeps, not that it really makes much of a difference! Also, in reply to bigbadkev it wasn't using internal memory as the card was in & has been all along - there's not a bean on the cameras internal memory... thanks anyway! I still wonder what has made an almost empty card read as full though...... very strange indeed! xxx
  4. Hi there Thanks for your replies - the lock isn't 'locked' and I used the card reader as I always do so the batteries (takes AA batteries not lithium type) don't drain away. I can't use my camera to format the card of items that aren't there though unfortunately can I? I have no idea why it still says it is full when the items have gone from the card already.... Thanks for the advice but sadly neither work for me.. Claire
  5. Hi I have just deleted a large volume of files (mostly jpegs) from my cameras SD card as it was almost full. I did this using my card reader and Mac rather than straight from the camera itself. I have just put the SD card back into my camera & it is still reading as being full - does anyone have any idea what might be going wrong, because the files I removed are definitely not there anymore.....! It's quite urgent as the SD card/camera is needed first thing tomorrow!! Many thanks Claire
  6. Hi Does anyone know what is happening (if anything) this Easter weekend in Sheffield? I've read on one other post that theres a SF walk taking place starting from Rivelin which sounds very nice but does anyone have any other ideas or know of anything that me and my boyfriend could do this weekend? We don't have a car btw :-) Thanks xx
  7. Hi It's an eMac about 3.5 years old. The screen has been flickering every now and again for a month or so, and now the screen keeps minimising and "closing down" - although if there's music running etc the music still plays in the background, and almost looks like it has gone into sleep mode. I have been on a Mac Forum and this was my reply: I know exactly what this fault is As I had it on an old eMac. Its a known issue called 'Raster Shift'& affected a lot of older eMacs. It can be easily rectified by replacing a cable called the IVAD cable. It's tricky to do this yourself but should be a 15 minute job for an authorised repair centre - you might even be able to get it replaced for free. It isn't really my luck to get it done free of charge and I wouldn't expect it to be done free of charge either, but I'd like to know where I can get this done, asap!! Thanks
  8. Hi Can anyone recommend an Apple Mac repair centre in Sheffield (excluding the one on Portobello Street). Many thanks Angel xx
  9. Excellent suggestions here guys, and much appreciated!!!! I went for salmon, with a peppercorn type mustard thingy migiggy on top, with a dill and lemon sauce, baby potatoes boiled with mixed herbs, runner beans, baby corn and sliced carrots.. went down a treat xxxx
  10. Hi can anyone recommend any decent recipes that are quick and easy? We eat meat and like most things, so suggestions would be lovely. I was hoping to be able to make some kind of sauce aswell.... but anything will be considered (within reason, of course!!!). Many thanks xx
  11. SO, have there been any wedding bells between us girlies just lately?! Everything hunky dory? I was at my friends wedding a month ago, which was a truly lovely day!!
  12. Hi guys Anyone have any idea what time the plug gig tonight will finish? x Ta muchly!!
  13. No it goes beyond that I'm afraid... it really isn't anything to do with the mobile, eveything to do with mobile is definitely ruled out.. thanks anyway!
  14. My inbox has now been emptied for whoever was trying to mail me. Thanks
  15. Hi It isn't by a radiator, however I guess my mobile may sometimes be on the desk with the eMac, but I wouldn't say close, and it's rare too!
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