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  1. Mecure is inconsistent. I pay £35 per month until we got a new manager for a short period of time you could take a guest in for £3. Now she has made it up 16 £3 no concessions for the over sixities,what has annoyed me is I pay £35 yet people of my age 60plus are paying £30 and when I asked her she said no you have to be 65 and not work. All the members I have spoken including well known citizens are paying £30 and are 60 plus and working. Discrimination act may come into play
  2. I remember bryants did a wonderful coffee and walnut cake. On Saturday we used to buy that and then go to Alfs chipshop. By this time my aunties hairdressers had finished and we all went in the back for lunch
  3. You would appreciate the smoking ban if you went to Spain. I had streaming eyes and asthma. Smoking is evil and peoplwho do it needhelp
  4. I was taken to the Rickshaw for my 13th birthday that was 1960 and it was a well established resteraunt
  5. I worked on the Kelvin Project when people were being rehoused,the place was a wonderful mix of people all with a story to tell. When it was first built it was a good place to live ,however the Housing policy that eventually let to anyone spoile the complex. When you look at edward st another complex that is still going strong lessons need to be learnt about social housing
  6. My dad an Irish man was stationed at Lodge Moor Camp looking after the Italian prisoners of war.Being catholic he went to St Vincents to mass and he spotted my mum and asked her out this was in1940.
  7. In the yard where my Auntie Norah O'Hara lived, there was Martha Moffat who had ason called ken and the Glover family who had alot of sons,This was in the 1950's. Aunty had the hairdressers,martha had a sort of haberdashery. Wilfred croft had ashop next to my aunts selling all sorts,his dad had a rag and bone shop on your way to the brocco.Wilfred s son went to St vincents and on to del a salle
  8. I spent a lot of time on meadow st as a child,I lived there until I was 2 then again when I was 9 until being 10. I lived at 93 my aunts hairdressers,next doorwas sleznic a jewish tailor later to be replaced by Wilfred Croft. O nthe street was becks and there was a back street bookies, at the end was Gaughans fruit shop owned by my Great uncle.round the corner was the butchers,it was a good place too live. iwent to St vincents school
  9. I lived at 93 for a time after mydad died. My auntie had a hairdressers there. My Great Uncle Paddy had a green grocers on the end just before you went on to Port Mahon. I remember becks fish and chip shop and Wilfred croft had a shop next to my aunts shop,before that his shop was a tailors shop called Mr sleznick I may have spelt that wrong,he once went to the holy land and brought us unleavened bread back. I remember taking bets for my uncles up becks the greengrocers back yard. I moved to Edward St Flats when I was 10 and went to st vincents to school
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