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  1. Quite ironic then, that the "Hole" still stands, albiet only just, and Sheaf House has bitten the dust.
  2. An interesting place... You might like to look at the Cliffefield Works on Cliffefield Road, Meersbrook. An interesting conglomeration of an art deco building subsuming a much older cottage (I think may possibly have been a gatehouse for either the Ruskin House - now in Meersbrook Park - or Cliffefield House, long since demolished) Cliffefield works are now part occupied by a company called Goodman Sparks. and were originally owned by British Relay, I believe, and were responsible for one of the worlds first cable Television networks well before I was born, and I am almost 50. Like I said, an interesting place, but be quick, as I believe part of the building may shortly be up for demolition.
  3. Thank you for your response, Floridablade. I have owned the shop on Derbyshire Lane for 18 years now, but still cannot trace any old photo's of it. The shop itself is situated further up Derbyshire Lane than you thought, between Cliffefield Road and Norton Lees Road, just above what I believe would have been a Co-op when you knew it. Key News, as now is, may possibly have been a sweet shop in those days. Meersbrook Bank school is stilll alive and kicking, by the way.
  4. I wonder if anyone can help me. I am searching for old pictures of the shops on the lower half of Derbyshire Lane.(The ones on the left, as you go uphill, and before the one way section. I have searched Sheffield archives to no avail, but I have found a pic of the opening of what was the Co-op, in 1916. This is the now empty Inter-Hatch building. Also, any history of what shops were in this parade would be much appreciated. Heres hoping...
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