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  1. I'd like to meet just the one Why probably just to see if the picture i painted in my mind was the same in real life
  2. I know a person like that and what i to this day do not understand is why the lies
  3. Self help nothing more nothing less Problem with telling others your problems is half don't want to know and the other half are glad you have them
  4. Looking at myself first thing when i wake up and thinking God your such a fine specamin of man
  5. For me No always had the attitude of either all or none Alot of people hold on to hope and holding onto hope is like standing on the top of a hill waiting for roast duck to fly in your mouth Doesn't happen
  6. Money is the root of all evil Quickest way to lose a friend is lending him money i have found
  7. okie dokey just back off holiday wil buy u both a drink each Lemonade
  8. Marriage is Grand Divorce is Hundrand Grand
  9. Off on my holidays tomorrow for 5 nites to Palma Nova in Majorca Always wanted to go back since i last visited it in 2006 Anyone who loves crazy golf will agree
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