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  1. Hi there i groom cats to be honest not many groomers do this as you really need to have experience and know what your doing. I'm afraid I'm not mobile you would need to come to me. If you want more info send me a pm and can get back in touch with you Thanks
  2. Seriously what the hell is wrong with people. Oh I forgot the little <removed> thinks he looks really hard and tough and did it for laughs. Well I know who I'd like to run over Humans are horrible I despair
  3. In my experience receptionists in the doctors are either lovely and friendly or the complete opposite rude and arrogant who think they own the place,manners cost nothing. Anyone who works with the general public has to deal with all types of people good and bad but you just work with a professional manner,it's not rocket science. Hence the reason I love working with animals lol
  4. In view of the weather we are currently having with the snow and ice please think how it can affect your dogs. Whether it's salt or grit you may of put on your own paths or drive,or whilst out walking your dog and they come into contact with it,please be carefully it is not good for them. It's very irritating to their pads and may cause them to walk funny or even limp so just be aware whilst out there in this weather.
  5. Pretty much as above but I also add soft cheese into the peanut butter,then freeze the Kong's. Personally I let the Kong start to defrost a little before I give them to my dogs they love it. I also give my dogs raw bones from the butchers which again they love to have. As much exercise as possible to help tire the little one. Good luck
  6. Can anyone remember the year that the snow was horrendous,it was way above waist height. I think it was in the late 70's and lasted quite a while. My dad was a fireman at lowedges fire station and walked to work from the other side of graves park near Warminster road. The snow since then has been no where near as bad,people back then we're made of strong stuff.
  7. Hi can anyone recommend where I can purchase a high quality cat activity centre. The bigger the better with numerous scratch posts for them to use. Preferable with a couple of box areas for them to sleep-rest in the darker the colour of the material the better A lot on the market are just not made that well and sure not that sturdy,I would rather pay more for one that will last. I have looked on eBay but there's nothing that Is good enough quality wise. Any thoughts or websites would be appreciated.
  8. I would definitely deal with it now or you may have more to deal with further down the line. I rescued a cat who had bad teeth,and then stoped eating,took her to the vets turned out she had gingivitis had to have most of her teeth out. This was done by having 2 separate operations top and then bottom set of teeth. The reason she went off her food was because it was painful to eat. After this been done she's never had eating problems and loves her food. Good luck
  9. Unfortunately I think it's the way of the world these days with the can't be bothered attitude. Às usual it's always the bad dog owners who don't pick it up that give all dog owners a bad name,which personally I find very frustrating. Over the years I have stopped many times whilst on walks and had a pop at people who haven't picked it up. If they get offended tough they should pick it up. Don't get m started on littering that's another one of my pet hates,people can be so dim at times.
  10. Please be carefull regarding your dogs and where you leave them in public. Do not leave them tied up outside shops,so many get stolen this way never to be seen again. Even left in your garden unattended can be a big big mistake. Recently puppies were stolen from someone's property in Derbyshire it is totally heart breaking do not put them at risk.
  11. My thoughts are this ìt is so so wrong to take away the choice from the general public. Whether it is for personal use or someone running a business like myself. If people want to use on line banking that's great good for them but not everyone wants to. We are been dictated to and forced into a corner as usual at the expense to the general public. There will be a point where technology rules the world whether we like it or not.
  12. Spoke to someone I know who helps rescue birds. They said get in touch with. The special branch on face book. Worth a try
  13. Have any of you who have given comments and opinions actually been to any of the hs2 meetings.? How many of you are actually affected by this as in a cpo against your home. I know a number of people who have got a cpo and are totally devastated by this joke of a project. Seriously you can't believe a word that hs2 say they change their facts and reasons every 2 minutes. They are unbelievably so unprofessional, can not answer questions when asked. The figures and promises they come up with may as well be pulled out of thin air, the government just give lip service, the project is full of egotistical people who are trying to tag along on the band wagon to look good. For those of you who think why are people so against it,and people will get compensation money means jack when you've bought your dream house and love where you live. So put your self in other peoples shoes whose lives have been totally turned upside down, and live in limbo. How can the government justify that amount of money when they are cost cutting so many other things, nhs, schools, old peoples homes etc priorities all wrong. Am I against HS2 Hell yes i am.
  14. Thank you everyone for the replies, its appreciated. I run my grooming business from home so do use 2 separate hoovers, one in the house and one in the parlour. So for that have a vax cylinder one which is fit for purpose, no problems. But because of my job i've got a knackerd back and neck so am wanting a stand up for the house to make the job easier. So am very interested in the sebo because of what people have said. Those who have got one where did you buy it from? I really want to be able to pick it up etc and make sure its for me before I purchase anything. Someone has told me shark vacuums are very good and have over taken dyson in American in popularity. Got 3 dogs a cocker, rough collie and a Dalmatian and the dally loses the most hair by far bless him, Thanks again
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