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  1. Don't know about window quality and workmanship, but this companies products are way over priced and the staff we dealt with were rude, extremely pushy and wouldn't leave us alone even though we said we weren't interested. Don't believe the continuous 'discounts' they are offering you for the 'best deal' it's a load of rubbish.
  2. My boyfriend is shortly turning 25 and wants a motorbike license. Can anyone recommend a good place to learn which is a decent rate? Also, what are the exact ins and outs of obtaining a full license? Is a CBT, theory then practical? Then you can drive any bike? And does it make a difference that he will be 25 and has had a full driving licence for 6-7 years? Any help will be welcomed! Thanks a lot!
  3. Thanks for the great comment, could of done with a waitress but she ended up being ill! Hope to see you there again soon!
  4. Tetleys Bitter, Timothy Taylor's Landlord, Fuller's London Pride and Kelham Island's Easy Rider
  5. I've checked out the Milestone's website it looks nice, but the restaurant is quite pricey. It would just be for 2-4 people, one of them being vegeterian. I've heard that The Ivory is good and not too expensive in the evening at weektimes - which would be when we are going. Any food type really as long as they cater well for veggies. Will be getting a bus/taxi so it doesn't matter too much on the specific location. We normally always go to The Pasta Bar on Sharrowvale road which I think is fantastic and is great value for money. Just every other restaurant I've been to never seems to live up to it! haha.
  6. Can anyone tell me of a decent city centre (or around the area) restaurant in Sheffield? Not as in a chain one like zizzi's or cafe rouge etc Thanks
  7. Crown Inn, Hillfoot Road serves food Tue-Sat Lunch 12-2pm. Sunday Roast - relaunching on 22nd Feb 12-3pm Pie Night - starting Tuesday 24th Feb 7-9pm Followed each week by live entertainment from 9pm Quality kept hand-pulled beer, it may be 5-10p more expensive than another pub in the area but I would rather pay that extra money to have the pleasure of drinking in a nice, cosy, friendly, proper country pub!
  8. Prices have been lowered. Not much different to the Fleur (2p higher on Carling I believe) or Dev in Dore. The Cricket is the most expensive in the area with pints over £3.
  9. Hopefully if all goes to plan, a Kelham Island beer will be appearing as a new guest ale - more than likely it will be 'Easy Rider.' Prices of beers, wines and spirits have all been reduced so it is now in fact cheaper than the Cricket round the corner! ***NEW EVENING MENU LAUNCHING WITHIN NEXT COUPLE OF WEEKS***
  10. Oh right I see what you mean. The lease that had been negotiated by the previous landlord means that the pub witholds a 14 years plus agreement. In answer to the car parking - if people want to leave their 80grand Merc parked on a small and fairly busy country lane then so be it! haha
  11. To Strix - I'm not sure what signs you mean? - If you mean the rules one on the wall near the bar it's just a bit of humour, nothing serious, and I believe it might still be there.
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