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  1. Very interesting seeing these notes of memories of WGS. I did not attend that school, having failed to pass my 11-plus, but I still managed to become a reasonably successful journalist on the local Sheffield (Morning) Telegraph (though I didn't get in until I was in my twenties!). My Telegraph colleagues Peter Harvey and Stuart Machin were both ex-WGS boys.
  2. I am not sure whether Jackie Toaduff is still around. A couple of years or so ago he was on Facebook, but he doesn't seem to be on there now.
  3. Some very interesting comments on here since I last visited the page. Would be great to know exactly who the people are, and have the chance to hear of some incidents and particular memories. Many years ago, I had a league cricket column in the local morning paper, and it was quite popular. Still watching some local cricket, when the weather permits, and always sorry that the season seems always to be over almost as soon as it has begun!
  4. It was Davy's cafe before Smith's took it over.
  5. Anyone know why WH Smith's store in Fargate is closed, and when it is likely to re-open? Been closed for a while, and I was told there were problems with the roof. But not seen anything in the paper about this. Have Smith's issued any kind of statement recently...perhaps Radio Sheffield has looked into the matter. Come on, Rony, tell us what's happening!
  6. Yes, a good man was Jack Barnes, and he certainly did a great job setting up those re-unions. He'll have a special place on the Newhall Roll of Honour!
  7. Try airing your query on the Ecclesfield & Chapeltown in recent times page on Facebook.
  8. Remember them both. Shiregreen was a great club in those days!
  9. I remember the name. Indeed, there were a lot of families called Ridge in the Ecclesfield and Chapeltown area. Might be worth looking at the Ecclesfield and Chapeltown Through the Years page on Facebook...someone there is sure to know something of use.
  10. I think The Star Inn was a Tetley's house. My grandmother lived almost opposite the pub, and, when I was a boy, she used to send me across the road to fetch her a gill of ale! I have some great childhood memories of Danville Street in the 1940s, but, sadly, no longer have any contact with anyone who livedthere in my time. My grandmother died in 1954, and my grandfather, not wanting to move to Shiregreen when the houses were being demolish (the property wasa back-to-back, was Number fifty-eight), arranged a swop with someone in Bramber Street. This would be around 1955=56, I think. Of course, the houses futher up the hill were not demolished until some time later. House number fifty-eight).
  11. I can assure you that the figure is 167. There is one goal that was incorrectly credited to someone else, and it is shown in the original Sheffield Wednesday: A Complete Record 1867-1987. All others are imitations!
  12. Arfer Mo, I wonder if you can help. I am trying to ascertain the names of an elderly couple who lived on Earldom Street just after the war. Sadly, I don't know the number. However, as you look up the hill from Grimesthorpe Road, on the left there was an opening that led to a path and some gardens (In fact, I used this as a short cut to get to my gran's on Danville Street!). The first house top side of this opening was where this old couple lived. Their back gate looked out onto the path to the gardens. The reason I remember them is they had previously lived on Danville Street, in the house behind my gran's (they were back to backs), and they knew me. During the war they came into our air-raid shelter during the bombings. They were a lovely couple, and I have often wished I could remember their names. If you can help, do let me know.
  13. I spent much of my early childhood in Danville Street, living with my grandparents, Annie and J.W. Johnstone, at No 58. This was in the 1940s and just into the 1950s. I wrote about this some years ago in a book called A Sheffield Boy. Fond memories of playing on Danville Street 'Rec with the likes of Chester Lowe and Terry Webster. James Elmore, who later emigrated to Texas in the USA, lived at No 56. James died a few years ago, but I think his younger brother (who became a doctor) and a sister are still living.
  14. Yes, the firm was based on Claywheels Lane, not far on from the main road, and it was known as the Pickford Tool Company as well as being connected to International Twist Drill (I never did know the details of the tie-in). Bill Crooks was the boss down there, and, when I was based at Intal's Watery Street premises, I often had to speak to Bill re orders that had arrived from branches in London, Birmingham and Manchester. I had forgotten that Bill had links with Sheffield FC, though I remember that now. It was around 1957/8 that I knew Bill, and, looking back now, I wish I had known him in later years. At the Pickford Tool Company, incidentally, there was a lovely young lady on the switchboard by the name of Christine! ---------- Post added 02-10-2013 at 11:43 ---------- Just spotted this note, and it brings back many memories of Intal in the late 1950s.
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