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  1. I'm looking at the tommee tippee closer to nature one and the angel care one and can't decide. I like the talk back function on the tommee tippee one.
  2. Happy Birthday Ghostie you handsome devil
  3. Friends and family fine but I haven't had strangers ask or grab me thank god
  4. Yep not long to go and my mini GP fan is due the day after the first race Looking at the testing it's not looking good for the boys in red is it. It's bloody good to see Vale and team smiling and laughing again. Not sure how Cal will fare this year they don't have new bike's and with Vale up there challenging and no doubt Marquez is going to be bloody quick if he's not crashing it getting a bit too excited think it will be like Edwards was a few years ago as the best of the rest. I would love to be proved wrong though. Would love to see Bradl get on the podium this year too. Got a feeling moto 2 and 3 will be stealing the show again!
  5. I'll not be walking anywhere at that point but will sponsor you
  6. That sounds heavenly! My lamb shanks always go down well.
  7. Forgot about this! Will be having a good nosey through tomorrow. Bog standard stew going in tomorrow morning
  8. That's awful. Can you PM the name of the cattery please. I live locally and want to make sure that none of my friends ever use them. I'll pass your details on to people I know in the area and ask them to keep there eye's peeled for them
  9. http://www.gencon-allin1.co.uk/products.html I've recently got one of these for my Staff. He doesn't pull as such but will get easily distraced by an amazing smell and lunge. Being pregnant my reactions and balance arn't what they were! I thought this was prefrebable to me being stranded like a turtle stuck on its back. Like strix says unfortunatley we don't live in an ideal world I like this one as its easily removeable so when off lead he can go off and sniff without the risk of getting it stuck in a fence bush etc Labs are a handfull arn't they! Hope he manages to calm down through exercise and then you can start planning your future training etc with him
  10. Thanks for the reminder we need a couple of new ones after we've doing work in the house
  11. Not had time too look through them all but that first one is brilliant!
  12. I also think some people just don't "get" how bad the problem is, I know my OH didn't until he met Nigel. Now he's fully aware of the plight of these poor souls, when ever he gets asked if we are going to breed from Vin he says no and points them in the direction of rescues and pounds and explains the situation. Hopefully with more publicity and educating people it will eventually sink in. And force the idiots to work at pounds and rescues and watch these poor tortued little mites
  13. I'd say a lot more than that, best bet is to give a couple of firms a call and ask them.
  14. Owners have located, the boy is on his way home
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