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  1. Is this albert smith that used to go bird warching with dave pitts
  2. Just to let anybody who knew my mum that she passed away in may aged 66 after a short battle with cancer x
  3. My dad David Pitts was on about the reunion last week but said he wasn't sure to go or not,my mother,David's wife passed away in may and I would like him to go and meet some old friends if there's still any left as my dads in his 70s,does anybody remember him he worked in the foundry all his life.
  4. If you live near crystal peaks there's a great hairpiece stall in the main mall at the top of the escalators,they look really good and are trendy,my mums having chemo and is getting one which I will style for her,I buy all my hair pieces such as pony tails and messy buns for myself and they are really cheap but good quality.
  5. Because I haven't got the time to go into town as my mums just come out of hospital and needs me,they also don't do over the counter registration,it takes at least 7 days.
  6. Can't believe how much messing about it is to get an imported scooter registered at dvla,sent everything off weeks ago like I was told and apparently the certificate of conformity is no good so they want me to take scooter to derby to get an mot,the scooter is insured and stuck in the garage,I decided to try and send all documents off to Swansea to see what they said and yes they came back again but for a different reason this time,I ad not filled the form in correctly but no mention of the certificate being no good ? Anybody else had this problem.
  7. I live at sothall near crystal peaks and went out to put the washing out and it smelt like dioreah,really strong,I ran in
  8. My 5year old cross jack Russell/Yorkshire terrier had an operation Monday because I found a pea sized lump just below her last nipple,the op went brilliant but I hate taking her in and leaving her,it was the worst day of my life,I have now got to wait till friday for results of biopsy,she went in today for a check up and just before leaving house I noticed the same size lump just next to her third nipple,it's firm but moves about and dosnt hurt,I was devastated,the vet said he would remove it when I take her to be spayed next month so that's another operation and more trauma,I just wish I had ad her spayed when she was younger,I feel like it's my fault,as any body else had this experience and do they appear that quick.?
  9. I'm having my dog spayed at arc vets killamarsh and it's £220,the anaesthetic is £95 which bumps the price up and my dog only weighs 6.5kg, they are very good though and like I always say, you only get what you pay for,she is now 5 and I wish I had done it sooner as she has ad to have a mammery tumor removed Monday and then today I noticed another one had appeared so that's another operation,she came out of surgery wide awake and happy and was eating normal straight away,no problems at all,I was in a right state at the time of leaving her but I won't be again.
  10. Well my husband said it was a load of rubbish what he said to me,apparently the hose which was attached to my old washer has been extended so they are not allowed to touch it? So wot iv got now is the old hose which is still in place but it's not attached to the sink waste it's got it's own separate outlet to drain outside and we can't get at it because of how the cupboards are situated.
  11. Had a brand new washing machine delivered today by indesit,I bought it through Argos and paid for fitting but the bloke who brought it said he couldnt do it for some reason,I am now stuck with no washing machine plumbed in,my husband has tried to get to the down pipe already in but it's behind the kitchen units and there's no way of getting to it unless we cut the back out,is there any easier way to solve this problem?
  12. Does anybody know were there is a cbt test centre near s20 ,that's near crystal peaks,rather valley area.
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