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  1. Depends where you want to get married.. We just recently booked ours. Id say don't book with a tour operator! There are much better deals out there with independent companies. Give me a message if you need any help.
  2. Groom room at pets at home do bows.. And a groom place behind killamarsh shops do nails and pampering. I've never had it done as I don't believe in it but my dogs have been to both of these places and i have seen it in the price list.
  3. I have a Bichon x poodle if he's any good to u?
  4. Darnall View is a nice care home based on Halsall just down from Littledale so not far from you.
  5. Definatly Wateralls or Battys on Woodseats
  6. Shes nr Concord Park. I think it is Oaks lane? She has her own shop added on to her home.
  7. I know one at Shiregreen. She is brilliant. Its Julie Worne at Purrfect and Pooch. Our dog goes there and so do our families dogs. 07912 088422 shes based up in s5 shiregreen.
  8. Is that £ 3 per game shrek?
  9. Thanks guys. Do you have an idea abiut prices for the normal books?
  10. Hi all, Has anyone ever been to Gala Bingo Hall? Whats it like? Is it better to play online? Also, on the website, it says £6 for 15 tickets.. is this tickets as in 15 strips? Sorry, tad confused as never been before
  11. thankyou guys. the roads clear at the top of the hill. noone can get out down here; only her husband but cars stuck at the bottom lol.
  12. Does anyone have an emergency contact number that I can ring for Gritting services? We live in a cul-de-sac which hasn't been treated. Lots of elderly and disabled people live at the bottom of this hill. One of which is epileptic and needs her medication today otherwise she will run out.. Thanks in advance.
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