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  1. Already took plastic off. Was hoping someone could save me effort of ringing them all lol. There's loads lolol
  2. Hi, any one know best place to scrap cooper wire? Who has beat prices looking online no one says how much. There are so many I'm spoilt for choice.
  3. Rang the one on wicker they couldn't help. Will ring them now thank you
  4. Thank you will give them a call now
  5. I'm looking for a top door on my cooker. Can't find no where on internet. Any suggestions where in Sheffield I could find somewhere that will have my part. It's a bush bgc60db.
  6. My mums said that but the sweet corn doesn't do it for me.
  7. Hello, I've moved to Exmouth and have come to visit the folks and I really fancy a BBQ Pizza, Stuff Crust NO sweet corn! Please help
  8. Where can you camp in Sheffield? I'm wanting to come to Sheffield after moving down south. I want to camp it out! I know it's not the weather.... Hope someone can help.
  9. looked only got one but it collection only and its damaged... this certain wheel cover is like looking for a needle in a hay stack.
  10. Hi Thanks for reading, I am in desperate need of a Discovery wheel cover. Its a Hunt Grange one from Tonbridge Wells. I know its a long shot but can anyone help me? (willing to pay of course) Cheers Emma
  11. Hiya, My boy friend had a bump and need some parts for his 1.2 polo. Does anyone know where we could get some used parts. Its the bumper, right wing and right light. All suggestions welcome. Thanks
  12. thanks to you both... but looked last year at market and they said noo... so dnt think they do them any more :'(
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