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  1. Hi guys i start very soon as a customer advisor, this is my first full time job, i am quite nervous and excited. What does the job involve, including ticketing and calls? Thank you guys
  2. are there any recommended cheap driving instructors?
  3. i was wanting to give a mens id bracelet which i bought, to someone as a christmas gift and was wondering where i can get it engraved for a good price and a good font?
  4. what is the price in that time slot?
  5. what time is cheapest buffet price?
  6. hi i was wondering if there were any cheap pools for hire in or around sheffield. any good recommendation?
  7. Thanx alot mate!,do you have any monthly membership? thankyou!!!
  8. i do boxing at home for exercise and was wanting to take up as a sport, and was wondering if knox boxing gym is any good. does anyone have a timetable of all types of classes eg. adult beginners etc. what is the price daily and a monthly membership? thanx
  9. i was drilling a hole in the wall for my tv bracket, and realised that the hole for the screw is too big. i dont want to redrill else where beacuse the position is perfect, and was wondering is there any type of adhesive or anything which can settle in the drill hole ready or redrilling in it?, ( only drilled one hole wrong but still a major problem)
  10. hi there i have a 16 year old boy, which has finished school and i was wondering were would be a good place for him to apply for a job. he wants something serious not like a paper round etc. do you have any suggestions?
  11. im Tom from England Sheffield, why what seems to be the matter friend? where are you from my friend?
  12. yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo blud, need 2 eat deyaa!
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