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  1. I was at school with Pat Dudley she was in the same year as me, as I remember she was a slight blond girl, her dad was a tall chap. I left Botham Street in 1960.
  2. Hi all I lived in Botham Street in the forties & fifties the Walshshaws was 2 girls & 2 boys the other girl was called Barbara. I remember the Butlers Johnny the father use to organise street games after the Grimesthorpe Feast Walk
  3. Hi all, I grew up on Botham St. one of the houses just below the bus stop. My gran lived on Upwell Hill, I can vaguely remember the prefabs being built. Two of the girls I went to school with lived on there.
  4. I worked at Greeting Card House in 1958 I am a friend of Edwina and still am we went to school together.
  5. The Hirst family lived a few doors from me . Mr & Mrs Hirst passed on, I don't know what happened to the boys but the last I heard Jane lived on Kiveton Lane with her husband & family.
  6. My mum worked at GEC until she retired in the late 1970ties she worked in the coil dept. She worked there when it was Metro Vickers and English Electric.
  7. Merry Christmas and A Happy and Peaceful New Year to all Grimesthorpians near and far. Jean J
  8. Hemmingway's lived in the same yard as me, mother & father was Charlie & Pat, the kids names was John, Rodney, & Patricia. In the book that Alan Billam wrote is a photo of Patricia with my dog taken on Peter st. After school I sometimes helped in the shop.
  9. Hi I remember Mortimers shop on Carlisle st but I am older than the person you are looking for. Try looking on "Any one from Grimesthorpe" there is sure to be someone on that site that will know her.
  10. Hi Brian, I took my driving test with the Roxy school of motoring a chap called Mr Barton was the owner. Our car at that time was a Ford Classic. Jean J
  11. Hi all, I think Edith was Jack Oldfield's sister, Sheila will probably be able to verify it. Jean.
  12. stpeter is right, however Enzers chip shop is a bit lower down from where the people are standing. I think the shop was owned by someone called Holmes, I don't know the people in the picture. Jean J
  13. Hi Sheila, I can't recall that incident at all, I didn't know many people on the bottom half of Hunsley St & that name doesn't ring any bells. Hope you are keeping O.K. Jean.
  14. Hi Peter & cat, we used to call them the grey hills, we used to have garage up Owlet Lane at the bottom of Jimmy Childs tip, when we moved from Grimesthorpe we sold it to Len Slack ( the landlord of the Beehive) it wasn't to long after when one of Childs lorries tipped a load of rubble over and a very large boulder ran down and ploughed straight into the garage and the next one to it, luckily Len had taken his car out earlier
  15. Hi Peter. my school photo is at the very bottom of page, I am 3rd from left sitting down on front row. Jean.
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