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  1. the whole world is racist... when will we see a white / black man elected in china? to govern over the chinese majority? every nation is racist, its in our genes. relativly speaking the UK is not racist at all. why dont you go to africa or some other non white country and see what racism is mr "blame the white man for everything". you would probably just justify their racism against you by blaming white people as a whole for the actions of previous generations of "white people". your a jack ass we dont need a black prime minister, we need new political parties who will actually give a **** about the people. i see nothing new in barack obama, he is a cheap imitation of JFK... and im sick of people mentioning the fact hes black... hes mixed race!!!! as were 6 other presidents in american history. somebody tell the media we have eyes, and can see hes not "white". ffs!!!!!! i cant wait til people see there will be no change
  2. your a racist my friend... if you look back at history, including the history of the native americans you will see humans have always aligned themself into tribes, nations and empires. people go to war and kill each other over land, power and resources, in europe, asia, middle east, africa and even in the americas. you are correct in saying that european immigration did "kill off" most of the natives mainly because of diseases brought from the main continent and by europeans having more children than the natives. no doubt the same thing is going to happen in europe right now with the immigration invasion. but then you mention the greed of the white man... do you know many humans or should i say nations who are not greedy when they have the chance to be greedy? europeans are humans like everyone else and colonization was not "invented" by europeans or by anyone, nor was slavery. these things have been part of human history since before we even had any records. please dont let your anti-white bigotry make yourself look like an idiot.
  3. sheffield is been invaded by foreigners (not talking about students they are very welcome, long as they take jobs here when finished, or go back home). the city is full of crime and altho its had a big redevelopment (paid for by debt which we wont be able to pay back soon)... theres no real industry here anymore and we cant provide our own food from the local countryside anymore. we are a pathetic city with no real identity, our cultural identity and history is slowly been destroyed by many things... we are finished i hope im wrong, but the rumbling of millions of people who died for this country turning in their graves
  4. Why do people even care? God if god exists is said to be outside of space or time, which means unlike santa claus and the tooth fairy, god is outside of our universe and more importantly our physical perception. At the end of the day you cant prove or disprove god, but you can prove or disprove various religious beliefs by studying where they came from. Nobody knows where the universe came from, i dont pretend to know. I personally am an open minded agnostic who would LIKE to believe a god exists but couldnt really give a dam. We are all going to die anyway, and if god exists... me not believing does not stop him / her / it from been there. And vise versa! If god exists you may find out when your body dies. If god does not exist and when you die thats just it, nothing more... then im afraid nobody will ever ever ever really know. We must just try to get along, stop insulting each other, make the world a better place and enjoy life. I wish atheists would leave religious people alone and vise versa. I dont think you can compare god to santa. For example god has many definitions. To some people the universe itself might be god... this requires no faith as we can see the universe. To some people god is just the source of the universe. To some people god is a human like man in the sky... To some people god is a all powerful, infinite, absolute non physical being which is outside of space and time and not subject to the laws of space and time, for example in our universe complexity evolved from more simplistic things. If god was inside of our universe and subject to the rules of this universe then god would not exist. Because a being which knows all and sees all is very complex. At the end of the day... nobody knows. Dont argue about it, its pointless. Enjoy your life, keep your beliefs to yourself, then die. Happily.
  5. I dont get why the government is basically encouraging population growth (mainly through immigration) into this country? Reduce the population!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its quick and easy, start by getting rid of people who are here illegally. Then stopping the "marry a cousin" loophole and other loopholes in our system. Why not go all the way and just have a 2 child policy for everybody in britain? Our island can only support 15 - 30 million people. What if theres some big natural disaster and those ships carrying our food and those pipes delivering our energy, stop coming? What happens then? Did you see how chaotic ASDA was before xmas? Imagine how it would be if the shops were running low on food supplies. Its a very big possibility one day... especially with the financial climate. GET LABOR OUT! GET TORIES OUT! GET LIB DEMS OUT! STOP THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTYSIDE
  6. We cant be too christmasy We might offend ethnic minorities culture!
  7. Britain promised land to both the jews and the muslims. Britain could not handle the conflict between these two groups so Britain in its self interest smartly left the conflict to the UN. The UN then had an agreement where Israel was given so much land and the Palestinians given other parts of the land. THE STATE OF ISRAEL WAS BORN Since its formation the state of Israel has been constantly attacked by all of its neighbouring countries and this led to Israel expanding its land through what it gained in the wars. Israel now controls all access to Gaza and has been slowly expanding its territories even more and making life hard for people in Gaza. Hamas the people who control Gaza have not stopped firing their rockets at Israel, they just wont stop. Their rockets achieve nothing but to justify Israeli aggression which of course will be more deadly than a few rockets. As for whos to blame in this conflict I dont know... i think racism, religion, uneducated brainwashed ****tards are to blame. Israel has given the world so much in regards to science and technology and has a right to exist, but they should not steal any more land. If people in france starting firing rockets into southern england and the french gov didnt stop them, you can bet your arse the RAF would bomb those targets. Hamas are cowards for firing rockets from heavily populated areas. Israel is going to fire back and people will get killed, innocent people who dont want war. My final comment here is... The liberal support for Gaza is pathetic, at the end of the day if Hamas stopped firing rockets (which achieve nothing anyway) then Israel would have no justification for any sort of agression and the people of Gaza would be innocent victims. I just hope this bull**** over "holy land" doesnt spill over into the UK, can you imagine what would happen if the indians and pakistans had a go at each other. They would riot in the UK too. Idiots, go back to your precious homelands!
  8. GULSHAN - On the wicker in town Amazing food from that place!!!!
  9. Dont worry, im far from a creationist Im a agnostic science geek
  10. If nature wanted flouride to be in the human diet then it would be there naturally. If it isnt then we should not be bloody adding it!! If you want health.. start eating natural unprocessed foods that your ancestors ate... avoid anything with chemicals, if nature wanted you to eat them... they would be there in the first place
  11. Does anyone know where there is a big / average sized creationist churches in Sheffield? I am on the look out for them... doing abit of research by trying to find out how many religious people accept science while keeping their faith.
  12. ^^^^ Has Nobody Even Read My Posts About Real Employment Levels And The Amount Of Vacancies In The Country??? Its Bloody Impossible!!! For Everybody Who Is Unemployed To Get A Bloody Job! Why Do You Think The Gov Has Been Encouraging Kids To Stay In Education??? Because There Is No Jobs For Them To Do!!!!!! Plus Kids Going To Uni Has An Extra Bonus Because They Get Like 15 Grand In Debt Which Helps The Economy As It Trickles Down Into The Hands Of Bars And Clubs And Private Land Lords. God Bless Liberal Britain, I Cant Wait Til This Country Is Reduced To Nothing, The Liberals Have Stopped Fooling Themself And We Can Get Back To Building A Real Nation From Scratch. The Japanese Did It... Why Cant We?
  13. Good marshlad But your situation is not the same situation as every other person with mental illness
  14. Many people xenia want to work. But if you look at the econemy right now... 600,000 vacancies and 2 million on job seekers allowance. Your living in fairy land if you believe that most unemployed just dont want work. Then we can add students (who will eventually leave college and NEED a job). Then theres all those on disability. And of course the 2 million unemployed does not include people like me... who have been on the dole for 6 months or more. I am now "long term unemployed". And every week more and people people will be removed from the ranks of "unemployed" and moved to "long term unemployed" , giving the illusion that the unemployment figures are lowering, when infact they are just not published in their entirety. Enjoy your evening, and your job... what ever it is you have. I am lucky i have my pensioner grand parents who have worked all their life and paid off their mortgage. I get 45 pound a week from the state, without them and their kindness i would be homeless and totally ****ed. Dont believe all you hear about unemployed people getting wide screen TVs and sky TV. If they do its because of debt not benefits. Debt given to them by reckless banks... hence the "crisis" we have now. Our country is based on debt now... funny thing is... we borrow money from other countries and banks... then we spend it on cheap imported goods.. sending the money we borrowed right back out of our economy and into the pockets of the people we borrowed it from in the first place. Our globalist, jackass politicians have given our soul away in the past 30 years. I see the day coming where britain can no longer afford food. But i do not see the day when any better off nation helps to bail us out in any way shape or form. Liberal *****!
  15. Plain ignorance. The doctors are not idiots, they are right to judge if somebody is honestly fit to work or not. We dont know the details of his mental illness. Thats not to say there is not others out there who are perfectly capable of working but choose to con their doctor / benefit office so they dont have to. I just think you picked a bad example with the guy you mentioned with the personality disorder.
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