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  1. hi to all im looking for any pics of SB HOGGS REMOVAL LORRIES as my father worked for them for meny years i lost him last year it is very important i find one please can any one help thank you all
  2. hi does any one who was in fullwood cottage homes know brian heffron and his brother derick thank you
  3. the shop you mentioned was my mums uncles pawn shop
  4. hi what is your name i will ask my mum see if she knows you thank you
  5. my mums asked me to ask you all can you remember the sharrowbangs that used come and pick us kids and parents up for a day out at cleethorpes the used to pick us up on bramber street
  6. hi thankyou for that ive had a look but my mums names not on it her friend maureen foster is so could be they have the name wrong but thankyou again
  7. hi thankyou for that where does she buy the redfyre's list from thankyou
  8. my mums dad was a grinder his name was albert hancock he worked at firth browns they lived next door to the winters family thankyou
  9. hi yes my mums 74 i think he has got one of the names wrong thankyou
  10. hi thank you my mum was called pat hancock which went to pyebank school her friend was maureen foster
  11. hi thank you very much cornishrose if you ever come across a pictures of bramber street my mum would appreciate it so much thankyou again. ive just rang my mum she said her sister was called kathleen hancock but sadly she got run over on spitall hill.
  12. thankyou ever so much for your help i really appreciate it thankyou again
  13. hi thank you stuzo do you know where i can get photos of bramber street thank you again
  14. i think it was somewhere in the middle my mums mums name was hilda hancock cant think of my grandads name
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