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  1. They were there in the 70's, possibly even 80's. I had an inspection job there, it was definitely after 1970. Believe Pheasant Inn was still there then as well.
  2. Does anyone remember the conductor who "sang" the stops in the 60's? I came across him just once and clearly remember him singing out "Swallowwsnest"
  3. That is the Phoenix, or Phoenix 2 to be precise. If encountered turn and run for it is still angry at the betrayal of Hadfields
  4. My uncle George Milner worked for Edgar Allen and Hadfields retiring from the latter in December 1965. He was presented with a wrist watch payed for by contributions from his work colleagues. Sadly the watch was stolen from his sister Daisy's house in a burglary Oct 1st 1991 (about 6 months before he passed away). However the thieves did not take the list of contributors ( 117 in total!). I have scanned the list which i can e-mail privately, providing there are not too many requests!
  5. We found the book by Peter Machan " The Dramatic Story of The Sheffield Flood" was well constructed, was factual and avoided any undue sensationalism. This book is available, as is Geoffrey Amey's book, from Amazon. It is quite possible they can be purchased from Sheffield Scene in Surrey Street.
  6. Attercliffe Common finished at one end Weedon Street, the other i am unsure although always thought it was Staniforth Road. My Aunts shop was at 611 Attercliffe Common between Mons Street and Weedon Street. I have envelopes, containing letters, to my mother who was staying there from 1943-1945, (with me!) from my father who was in London building aircraft.
  7. I remember Donald Goudge, sat for hours in his dingy workshop watching him make clogs his shop was at 607 Attercliffe Common, between Warden Street and Mons Street.I have a pair of clogs he made for me when I was about 2 years old! My Aunt Eva had a sweet (spice!) shop at 611 " Hendy's". She died in 2000 aged 102.
  8. Sadly, today I have returned home from Brinsworth having attended the funeral of my cousin Dennis Milner. His brother Jim has very kindly let me have Dennis's drafted autobiography which I hope to complete - a couple of chapters missing. Whilst having a number of memories of Tinsley of my own Dennis's memories, he was born at 46 Newmarch Street in 1931, are more relevant to the thread in that a recalled a number of shops on Sheffield Road ("The Front"). Apart from the ones mentioned by others they are: F Downs& Sons-Butchers, E Steel & Sons- Bakers, S. Huddart - Hardware, H Swindells - Hairdresser, H.L.Robinson - Hairdresser. I will include just one of "mine" - Bennett's Fish and Chips Shop was mentioned - I called this " Uncle Georges" simply because Mr Bennett(?) looked like my Uncle George, Dennis and Jim's father!
  9. My Aunt had a "corner shop" between Warden Street and Mons Street on Attercliffe Common ( roughly opposite Tinsley Retail Park). She sold mostly sweets(spice) and tobacco. My main memory was how she identified the tobacco users - Chewing tobacco -brown teeth, cigarettes -brown fingers and snuff- brown stains on the moustache (almost obligatory in the 50's!). In Tinsley there was the fish and chip shop on the corner of Lifford Street and Dundas Road we knew as Golden Earings simply because the lady who served you had golden earings. We had to have a name to differentiate between that chippie and the one on the corner of Newburn Road and Town Street we knew as Uncle George's because I thought he looked like my Uncle George!
  10. The song about the troll was The Three Billy Goats Gruff recorded by Frank Luther. This was the version on "Childrens Favourites"
  11. Tinsley is still there but much changed during my life time.I spent most of the first three years of my life there -up to 1945. Then went back to London. My father grew up in Tinsley and moved to London in 1920's. I have many memories of times spent in Tinsley - there can't be many years when I didn't visit. (In fact will be there in May to visit my aunt the last of fathers generation - she will be 99 in December!) In particular I remember the wall on the old Sheffield Road from where friends and I would watch the men working in Tinsley Rolling Mills.
  12. No. In fact i had left Sheffield but used to spend much of school holidays in Attercliffe. Stayed with an aunt in Tinsley and an aunt who had a shop on Attercliffe Common (near Mons Street). I was "shared" to keep the peace!
  13. Yes i remember sliding down those "hills" - one still had a metal gantry imbedded in it
  14. I belive the points were worked by the driver - dont know exactly how. It was part of the fun of a tram ride to "glue " your face to the semicircular front window and watch the points change as if by magic. Hope 50 + years of a memory have not distorted the facts!
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