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  1. did any one know Sheila timmins lived around perkyn terrace in 1950 she would have been about 18 yr old, cheers Roy.
  2. I worked brighside 1950 don rd Sheffield then tranfered to Birmingham branch. in 1960. cheers roy
  3. I start work at brightsid in 1950. I just wonded how many died. At brightside FROM ASBESTOS, CHEERS ROY
  4. why will not play Wednesday young hurst. he will proberly play is first for l game for leeds,
  5. Hi, anyone remember timmins family , purkyn cres shire green. Cheers roy.
  6. I just want to know why why i can not log out' please some one help.
  7. sorry about the mix up, no i did not go to Hartley brook school. I was trying to trace an old friend of mine. SHEILA TIMMINS. She would be about80 now. been trying to trace her for 20 yrs. cheers Roy.
  8. Anyone got any data on the smart car.
  9. Did anyone live on or near Perkyn terrace in 50s. ---------- Post added 26-01-2015 at 23:09 ---------- did anyone know sheila timmins lived on perkyn terrace in 50 s. she would be about 80 yrs old now.
  10. Hi tenbob, I can not recall Ron Dolphlin I may have been before his time. I started at brightside on Don rd in 1950 , i transferd to Birmingham branch in 1960. cheers Roy. branch 1960. ---------- Post added 26-01-2015 at 19:20 ---------- when was the end of brightside heating. ---------- Post added 26-01-2015 at 19:23 ---------- when was the end of brightside heating.
  11. Hi Tony. I am Roy your grandad was my uncle i served 2 years of my apprentice with your grandad . he was one of brightsides best. IF I remember he passed when he was about 65. my dad was Charlie his brother he passed when he 61. I am 79 how old are you now . my dad also worked for brightside. cheers Roy. ---------- Post added 12-10-2014 at 19:33 ---------- Hi to all brightside friends. yes i remember tommy bacon he was a fun guy to work with. I got a transfer to birmingham branch in 1960 .i remember the Jessop job very well great & happy tiimes. cheers Roy.
  12. why did wednesday get rid of antonio. how stuppid.
  13. cost from manchester air port to blackpool any one know.
  14. does anyone know of a good b&b in papplewick or hucknall i n nottingham.cheers roy
  15. any one remember a girl clled Sheila forgot her second name she would be about 80 now . lived around shiregreen hotel pub aera. ---------- Post added 26-06-2013 at 19:09 ---------- any one remember a girl clled Sheila forgot her second name she would be about 80 now . lived around shiregreen hotel pub aera. 40s 50s
  16. I started at brightside 1950 new all the names above does any one know how many of them died of asbestoes .regards roy, ---------- Post added 08-06-2013 at 23:59 ---------- any one know who died from asbestos at brightside,cheers Roy.
  17. hello. Does anyone have mesothemeola or know anyone who does. I would like to know what to do and where to start. cheers ROY.
  18. sorry mike -s i know i am not very good at this i got on to hippo but dont know where to go now can you send PM. CHEERS MIKE.
  19. mike i tryed that but my google history i s still there. thanks.
  20. can anyone tell me how to delete all my past history of google websites . cheers.
  21. can any one remember prince edward foot ball team of 1948 ---------- Post added 28-12-2012 at 19:21 ---------- Edward hobson was one of my best freinds we played together allthe time he stade to school meals i went HOME for mine . I got back before the ambulance arrived . apparrently he WAS playing at the back of one of those trucks that clean out road drains and it backed over him it was somethig you NEVER FORGET.
  22. I had a freind who lived on desmond cresant i think is name was stan clayton anyone remember him. Early 50s.
  23. I remember derek dooly scoring 47 goals in 1 season the whole team now will not score that many all season. Looks like the yo yo team is back i watched wednesday from 1942. Cheers roy.
  24. list of girls you went to school with in the 40s. anyone.
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