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  1. You mean like every other pub in Sheffield
  2. Wait until you've used-up all the oil then see how fast you can go with a horse tied to the front of your car
  3. Oooh, The Blob too, it's very tempting.
  4. Actually Toronto is one of the nicest "modern" cities I've ever been to, there is a good mix of old (for Canada) and new: The art colege http://www.toronto.ca/auda/images/sharp_500x333.jpg The ROM http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/ca/Royal_Ontario_Museum.jpg/800px-Royal_Ontario_Museum.jpg The stock exchange http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/8e/Toronto_Stock_Exchange.jpg/800px-Toronto_Stock_Exchange.jpg
  5. 56 clothing shops, where ? I can think of 10 at the most, there can't possibly be 56.
  6. I'm still a bit unsure about St Pancras, it is good but I think it's lost some of it's "Golden Age of train travel" feel, the Victorian-ness seems to have been lost. On the topic of old & new together, there is this in Torronto, a very nice mix : http://lh4.ggpht.com/_fi-wb_s2FKw/RmLHiQucOQI/AAAAAAAAAOg/ZyQIhxni3WU/07+02+02-015.JPG
  7. * passes coat, hat and Basil Brush DVD *
  8. No idea with their neighbours spying on them all the time.
  9. I think you are in a minority if you think that indcates an improvement.
  10. Negative encouragement will never work as well as positive encouragement, making buss fares a lot cheaper than their current rip-off prices would probably work better to tempt people to use them, but the council have no control over that anymore. If it's cheaper to run a car than catch a bus/train people will continue to use a car no matter how much you try to inconvenience them.
  11. Hopefully I won't be doing anything, I think the whole things a waste of time.
  12. I hope they don't make an arse of it, the original is one of my favourite films.
  13. They probably don't NEED to but if they WANT to who are the council to tell them they can't. In fact telling them they can't/shouldn't will probably make them more determined to do it.
  14. But it doesn't work, they just drive round and round until they find somewhere else to park further away from where they want to be. Do you have any proof that these schemes have encouraged/forced people to stop driving and get a bus ?
  15. It will have absolutely no effect on reducing crime, another pointless waste of money.
  16. Bring back hanging I say or national Service, or hessian underwear blah blah blah
  17. Why shouldn't local workers be able to park where they work, the people who work in the shops on Ecclesall Road, where are they supposed to park ?
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