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  1. I'm near Meadowhall. I have a signal booster but the whole thing is driving me crazy. Is there anything else I can do? I agree that most of the channels are crap but I want more choice than I have now especially with it being summer and the main channels busy with sport and repeats of Midsome bloody Murders and other rubbish.
  2. I used to live in Mosborough and had all the Freeview channels. Now I've moved to Wincobank and the tv is crazy. I have some channels doubled up, 2 of many of them, and some channels not at all. For instance, I can get ITV and Channel 4 plus 1 but not Channel 5 plus 1. Can't get ITV3, ITVbe, Dave, Spike, Drama and lots of others. I've retuned the tv about a 100 times and it's always the same. What's the solution?
  3. Dogs Trust do it free at their centres and at road shows. Here is a link to explain it all. http://www.chipmydog.org.uk/have-your-dog-chipped-for-free/
  4. I have a long haired shep girl and I am also a groomer. Don't use a furminator or a coat king. These both cut the hair and will spoil the coat. You need to get the undercoat out and for that you need an undercoat rake. You can buy them cheaply at Pets at Home or at Groomers Online. This and a slicker brush are all you should need and a weekly groom. Most of the hair gathers around the neck and at the back end/base of tail. And pay attention to the base of the of the ears as fondling the dog can cause knots to build up here. When I got my rescue girl a few weeks ago she had huge dreadlocks hanging off her ears! Good luck with your new dog. You couldn't pick a better breed than GSD - they are so intelligent, loyal and easily trained. I love them.
  5. Hi where can I buy good quality, reasonably priced grass turf to create a lawn? Thanks
  6. Thank you all for your replies. It's definitely Himalayan Balsam - I've checked out pictures. I think I might go down the weedkiller route as I want it gone. Apparently it's very prolific and just takes over the garden.
  7. Hi all, I'm an amateur gardener trying to turn a bombsite garden into something a bit acceptable! I've managed to getrid of all the nettles but there's some very persistent weeds that keep coming back. I've been told they're some sort of balsam plant. Every time I pull them out the roots just snap (a bit like dandelions) and they're back again a few days later. I've been quite resistant to using weedkiller as I have pets (dog and cats) and obviously don't want any harm to come to them. Does anyone know of something I can use that will do the job of killing the weeds without poisoning the soil and grass?
  8. I've moved to a new house recently and the garden is a mess, it's been neglected for at least 8 years. It has a raised section at the back, measuring about 12 feet by 8 feet, which is what I'm struggling with at the moment. It was obviously once a seating area and that is what I would like it to be again as that is where most of the sun shines. What is now there is some sort of lining (black fabric sort of stuff) covered with pebbles/gravel which in turn covered with lots of tussocky straw-like grass that has grown through. The grass roots seem to be stuck to the liner and it's virtually impossible to remove them. There's also quite a few dandelions. Just such hard work. I'd like to keep it as a seating area with flower beds at the edges but I need to know what to do. Should I just get rid of the lot and start again? Or should I persist in trying to remove the grass from the liner? Any experts on this sort of thing out there?
  9. I'm thinking of moving to a house in Standon Road. I thought it seemed quite nice around there with the lovely woods and Concord Park but I've only been twice and the second time I saw a bunch of kids trying to set fire to a playground. I'm a single woman living alone but I do have a protective dog. (And insurance!) Is there anything I should know before making a decision?
  10. They spayed my kitten and the vet was ok but the receptionist was vile. Very rude woman and even though the vet was alright I wouldn't go back there.
  11. I tried to do this a couple of years ago but it didn't work out. They have many rules and regulations and wouldn't consider me because I work more than two hours a day. (I work four) and I have worked with dogs for 15 years so I thought I'd be fine but not so. To be honest I found them a bit snotty but I hope it works out for you.
  12. Yesterday afternoon a young male (neutered) doberman took off after a rabbit while being walked around the old ski village area. He was with another dog - the other one came back but he didn't. He lives local to the area but very worried that he may have wandered down to Penistone Road which is obviously very busy. He's microchipped and dog warden and police have been notified. If anybody sees him please contact me on here by private message or call/text 07920 528554. Thank you.
  13. AT about 6pm a little hedgehog wandered into my garden. He was walking ok but didn't seem to know what he was doing or where he was going. I've put him in my shed in a cat basket with shredded newspaper for a bed and some cat food and water so he's ok (I hope) for now but I really need somebody who knows what they're doing to take this little guy in. I've rung loads of people and been given advice but nobody seems willing to take him. Any ideas?
  14. My GSD bitch weighs about 30kg and she is average size and weight so if yours is 50kg then she is probably overweight. Ruby has Simpsons food for sensitive digestion and is given about 250 grams per day over 2 meals mixed with nature diet plus a few treats. In my opinion a run around the park most days is probably not enough exercise for a young GSD. Ruby is 3 and she has 2 hours of off lead walking every day and would probably enjoy more. So if your dog is overweight try less food and more exercise.
  15. Thinking of going there tonight as have visitors to take out. Never been and would like to know what it's like - if the food is good, do they cater for vegetarians, is it expensive etc.
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