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  1. Mandarin House used to be a good one but is now closed due to the owners growing cannabis in the property upstairs apparently!
  2. I've seen him a few times travelling down Meadowhead, My 6 year old is amased by him!
  3. Very useful links Micheal N. My Dad and partner are currently travelling up from London and I have been able to give them updates of the traffic/snow situation, Thanks
  4. I recieved a letter today from my gp inviting me to make a appointment to have the swine flu jab (due to having asthma) I had swine flu during the summer and other than being bed bound for 5 days, i had no problems. I don't think I am going to have the jab.
  5. i drove past earlier it said all rides 99p (on Thursday i think)
  6. It's at the transport club, try calling them in the evening, I don't think they open in the day
  7. Yes, I've been to see them twice, they are excellent!!!! The first time I saw them was at Boardwalk then got talking to them in the Corporation after. The singer is from Sheffield, the bass player is from Huddersfield, don't know about the other band members though.
  8. 1999 - I finished my last GCSE exam and went straight to Manchester airport to fly out to Vancouver without my parents to spend 5 weeks staying with relatives and seeing lots of sites in Canada. AMAZING!
  9. Dunelm Mill on Queens Road have a great range of styles and sizes, there was a big sale on them a few weeks ago.
  10. I have it on for a hour in the morning then i put it on for a hour after tea, there is 2 of us and there is enough hot water for both of us to have a bath.
  11. Thanks all for your advice, I will call first. Just found out that he may be coming out of hospital on Monday, in which case I will wait until he gets home.
  12. IF my child had decayed teeth, I would not rely on "dental milk" to fix the problem! How much fluoride is actually added to the dental milk? It cannot be enough to cause any damage to a child or surely it would not be allowed?! It is up to the parent to decide if they want their child to have it or not, just like it's up to the parent to make many decisions for their child..
  13. no children under 12? Really? I'm actually taking my son aged 5 to see his Dad (my ex) so will my son not be allowed on the ward to see his Dad?
  14. No, my child does not have any fillings or decay! Every parent is entitled to make their own decision as to weather they want their child to have "dental" milk or "normal" milk. I personally do not wish for my child to have "dental" milk, mainly because I don't think he needs it (I never had it as a child, and my teeth are ok) As long as it is still up to the parents to decide to opt in or out I don't see why it is such a big issue, everyone is entitled to their own opinions on the matter.
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