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  1. What an obnoxious person you are, if any body has been sniffing anything it is you, you made another ridiculous post and I will ask you again, where can I get a printer / loads of ink / and paper for the cost of having a picture printed at Harrisons, either put up or shut up.
  2. As it's a photography shop I would have thought that was obvious, and regarding your previous post please let me know where you can get the printer, loads of ink and some paper for the price of having a photograph printed.
  3. He probably went to Harrison Cameras, best shop in the area.
  4. I don't know anything about Nikon cameras either Karl101 I use Olympus, like you I am just trying to help, if he lives local he could also try Harrison Camera on london road, they might be able to help him.
  5. You need the battery charger that came with the camera, if you havn't got one I would try google and see if you can purchase a Nikon or third party one,
  6. Although I have never used either of those, I use a Manfrotto VELOCE V Backpack which is excellent, I would recommend it.
  7. I didn't mean it that way, I realise and appreciate that using photographic software is an art in it's own right, and clearly has it's advantages as well as negatives when being used, I have seen some beautiful photographs that have been photo shopped etc, but equally I have seen beautiful photographs straight out of the camera, and to me the latter ones will always be superior, but I also realise that we are all individuals and others will not agree with my point of view
  8. I agree with you it does, and like at lot of things in life some are a lot better at using software than others but it doesn't alter my belief that a photographic competition should be just that, judged on the image straight out of the camera and not how skilful you are at using the software to alter it, then it is down to how good you are at using a camera to create the image, surely that is the objective of the competition in the first place otherwise it would or should be called a software competition, ps: I am talking strictly about competitions, not about using software for weddings etc,
  9. That's my point, then it not how skilful you are as a photographer but how good you are at using software to alter and doctor the image, it should only be about the quality of the photograph and nothing else because that's where the real skill lies.
  10. Personally I think photographs for all competitions should all be sooc, it should be about the quality of the photograph not about how skilful you are at doctoring it with photoshop,
  11. I came across it because I have Paintshop Shop Pro X4 Ultimate and it was recommended to me, although I have Lightroom 4 I prefer using After Shop Pro (which was previously Bibble) , give it a try there is nothing to lose if you don't like it,
  12. After Shot Pro and Portrait Professional.
  13. Also have a look at the Canon Pixma iX6550 A3+ printer, it's only basic but it's got excellent customer reviews, it's also cheaper.
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