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  1. Only just noticed this one.We've been to the model railway on Abbeydale Rd in the past & the kids loved it http://www.loco.talktalk.net/smee06/
  2. Try Charnock Paving,S12. We used them last year & they did a good job at a decent price.I think the boss is called mIck.I'm not connected to thyem in any way ,just a satisfied customer.
  3. This man thinks they should be avoided............. http://www.askjeff.co.uk/roofing.html
  4. Just in case you can't find it........... http://www2.sheffieldtoday.net/starholidays/
  5. I'm pretty sure that if you have grounds,which in this case the OP does,the DVLA will release the info to a member of the public. See Here................ http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/motoring/owningavehicle/adviceonkeepingyourvehicle/dg_4022066
  6. Try Leger Travel.They are based at Canklow & have worked with Disney for a number of years http://tothemagic.co.uk/
  7. Try these..... http://www.smartandcook.co.uk/page.asp?PageID=1 I've used them in the past & they were good value Or even Hiscox.
  8. A bit of a drive but very good meat at a good price.We get half a pig and half a lamb for about £105 http://www.marrgrangefarmshop.co.uk/
  9. We use one in that area.If you pm me a contact number I'll pass it on to him when he comes round next.
  10. Try on http://www.globrix.com/ You can search via a map
  11. We signed up to the TPS which seems to stop most sales calls http://www.mpsonline.org.uk/tps/
  12. Has a County Court judgement been issued.If it hasn't I don't think they can send the bailiffs in. Have a look one here http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/forumdisplay.html?f=76 .Plenty of good advice on there.
  13. I've just had an email to let me know that i've won tickets to see Lenny Kravitz on the 28th June at the Manchester University. I've now got to work on the 28th so if anyone wants the tickets just let me know.You'll need to collect at the box office ,under my name.
  14. I'd not heard of these before.Sounds really good as I've got an old mountain bike that needs a good service.Thanks for the link.
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