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  1. I sometimes bite the ends of a Twix off dunk that and suck the coffee thru the choc. Messy... yes I know but try it sometime. just make sure the coffee isnt 2 hot
  2. Well done England but its the first test. I dont think the England team are competant enough to keep this up through the whole tour. problem with them is they think they can win everything they enter. Maybe they will. Maybe they wont. I dont think they will. A tenner says they dont win the next one
  3. Sheffco. They dont sell fags in packs of 25 in south africa they are in 20s or 30s, but right yeah they are a quid (ish)
  4. Catch the Wind has to be his best. Although it sounding very much like Bob. Good choice Jamie - Donovan is great If you get time watch a film called "Dont look back" Bob Dylan film feat. Donovan
  5. Yes panda street legal really good, but then again i could go on all day boring you about other albums/outtakes/lyric changing ha ha ha At the moment I am hooked on a live album called "stop cryin" (based on the song from street legal) which is brilliant. Different versions of tangled up in blue, shelter from the strom and I want you. More or less the same time as Budukhan 78. See there I go, give me an inch I take a mile.
  6. I know that a lot of people are put off by the music of Bob Dylan, the album I would choose to recommend would be. Blood on the Tracks - 1975 p.s. "In my time of Dyin" is a Dylan original
  7. Nomme was obviously having a go at to20 for no reason. Maybe he did not understand the signature.
  8. Get an A-Z from the station it helps loads. Anyway I thought you had found aplace. Please tell me what put you off my room? Thanks John
  9. Fear of Music - Talking Heads Oh Mercy - Bob Dylan Ride the Lightning - Metallica
  10. Last month I went for an interview in Exeter. During the interview I noticed this bloke lurking around, but didnt take much notice until the end when he caught my eye. I asked the director (interviewer) what the blokes name was and he told me, and I recognised the name. At that the bloke turned around stuck out his hand and said hello John. I had worked with this bloke about 10 years ago. Maybe not so strange BUT I have only been back in the UK a couple of years I dont know that many people, I worked woth this bloke in Johannesburg 19 years ago. Of all the places I expect something like this to happen, never did I expect it at an interview. ( I got the job tho and move next month )
  11. I am sure Pindars next to Stokes near the corporation would do it for you. If you get really stuck, email me and I will sort something out for you. John
  12. mmmm buy it now at £17 odd http://search.ebay.co.uk/threads_DVD-Film-TV_W0QQsacategoryZ11232QQsoloctogZ9
  13. Wavey. I hope your mates lad makes a full recovery and goes on to become a brilliant sportsman. And I hope that these louts who did this despicable deed grow up to see the inside of a prison cell, as I am sure many will. Yes you wronged by going about 5 mph over the speed limit BUT how can anyone compare that attack and breaking the speed limit to each other. Yodameister, maybe you should open your eyes and see the yob culture that is happening in this city, maybe not in Longley but in many areas of this city. How can you compare the two "crimes"???? It looks like you are standing up for these chavs or maybe relate to them as "bored kids". I agree with Wavey and many others adding to this thread. Something has to be done on the priority rating of crimes. The longer we let people get away with it, the more intense the problem will become.
  14. I thought I had found mine too but evidentally not. BUT I have not given up hope. I know out there there is a lid to every pot. even if the pot is not a regular size..............
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