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  1. Good morning sports fans, there's a massive debate going on at work. UFC or boxing? Back me up boxing fans!!!!
  2. If the buy-in is no more than £5 and the pot is no more than £100 at each time I don't a license. Would you like to come down with your clipboard on Friday to check up on us? I'm sure we can give you some complimentary food as well
  3. Happy new year and best wishes for 2010 We are holding the popluar £5 re-buy poker night at the RS tonight. It starts at 8:00pm and we are serving free snacks..... Cheers
  4. As we didn't have a game on Friday night, we will be holding a cash game at the RS tonight at 7:30pm. The buy-in is £7 as usual with free food. We have a relaxed chilled atmosphere perfect for first time players or the poker shark! Thanks Big Sam
  5. It's a boy that I have and the breeder is down in spalding which is miles away so I just wanted somewhere closer to home. He's an amazing dog and his dad was a world champion at cruffs so it would seem ashame not to stud him
  6. I was wondering if anyone could help me, I am wanting to breed my chow chow but I have no idea where to start. Does anyone have and suggestions?
  7. Hi guys, we are hosting another poker night at the RS tonight down on St Marys road. It starts at 7:30pm and the buy-in is £7. We are also serving FREE burger and chips at the break Cheers Sam
  8. Hello everyone, does anyone know where I can buy quality playing cards from in town? Either bycicle or copag, something like that. The ones from the supermarkets only last for around 24 hours then just seem to bend and die. (I need some for tonight too!!) Cheers big sam
  9. It's ashame we can't get the Stigs American cousin here too!
  10. Hello people, Just a quick reminder about the poker night i'm holding tomorrow night at the Royal Standard. We've had some great people interested so far so hopefully it will be a great night. It's a £7 freezeout and starts at 7.30pm. Hope to see some of you come down and play some poker!! Cheers Big Sam
  11. I do apologise if I upset or offended anyone. My comments were lighthearted and meant as a joke. Again I apologise if I upset anyone
  12. We do have 2 cask ales from local breweries. As I'm not in the pub at the minute i'm not sure on the brand. We have a drinks menu on: http://www.theroyalstandardbar.co.uk I do need to finish the website off as the previous manager was a bit of a fool and didn't do things properly so I need to tidy things up on there and be a bit more specific.
  13. The Royal Standard!! Best pub in town for cheap drinks if your a sheffield hallam student
  14. I've only been here for 2 days now but the offers they put we put on for Sheffield Hallam students are fantastic. We offer an RS card for a £1 which gives students great discounts on food on drink. For example students can have a big meal for only £2, last night we had drinks for just £1.00 and we have offers on everyday
  15. Hi there. I have just taken over as manager at the Royal Standard and we had one last Thursday night and we got some really good feedback. I'll put a post on here when we have another one. Hopefully it will be very soon
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