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  1. Sorry folks but due to circumstances beyond our control, this Gig has been cancelled.
  2. "Forged from the embers of two highly acclaimed local bands, Soldier Blue are an explosive 4-peice band from Sheffield, England, who are carving a place for themselves on the UK live music circuit as one of the 'must-see' bands. Their raw energy is pushed to the limit with their crafted melodies that ache and burst with soulful decadence. Finely tuned indie blended with some of the best blues this side of Chicago which will leave you crying out for more, something you expect by now from some of Sheffield’s most exiting up and coming songwriters. Soldier Blue are tipped for big things and are in no hurry to hang around. Come and see what all the fuss is about and prepare to be blown away as the music flows through your bones. The live music scene just got real, can you afford to miss out? Soldier Blue have been friends from way back and the band was formed from two previous bands that knew each other during their time on the UK live music scene. After a few impromptu jam sessions and performances in many different forms (including one on a roof!), they decided to permanently join forces and the rest as they say is history. Soldier Blue are now looking for an appropriate record deal so they can finally give the nation what it really wants… Rock ‘N’ Roll!!! If you like your songs catchy, and if you like your blues fast then this is the band for you! If you think you’ll like us we’ll like you, but if you come see us live then we’ll love you! And you’ll love us too and you'll know why. Soldier Blue speak with a voice which can be heard through a crowd of voices, it’s a voice that sings your joy and sorrow, a voice that screams with power and wisdom beyond its years. Soldier Blue is your band." Support will be provided by new Sheffield band NOT THE POLICE who , after only a couple of gigs are already starting to get themselves noticed. Free Entry From 9pm
  3. Tonight's the night folks. From around 9 til late. Yabadabadooooooooo.......!!!!
  4. Just over 2 weeks to go to this one folks. Sure to be a full house so be early on the night.
  5. Johnny and the Moondogs will be on stage from 9.30pm on Saturday 5th March at The Notty. Mostly early Beatles stuff I believe, enough to get you all jiiving, swinging and shakin' your pants! Free entry as always and bar open til 12.30 X
  6. Sorry folks but due to ill health, Becks will now not be performing tonight. We will re-book this show in the coming months. Sorry for the inconvenience. Next live music will now be tomorrow with Scott Cunningham (USA) Nick Hehderson aka Last To Be Picked (Sheffield) Mister Tom Fivepence (Southend-On-Sea) Show starts 9.30 and as always its free entry.
  7. What a talent Ed is! His appeal spreads across so many genres from folk to indie to hip hop to grime. One of our local musos compared him to a young Van Morrison when he visited in November. I am quite sure most who saw him that night will be along for this show. Great stuff! NP x
  8. Free Entry as always. Bring Dancing Shoes. That is all.
  9. This Sat (8th Jan) we have the rescheduled visit of The Slingshots showing why they are rated as Sheffield's top rockabilly band. Then on Sat 15th we have the return of English Tea Academy with Boothy, Rich and friends playing a mix of covers and original material. Keep supporting Live Music. x
  10. Edited above post as Johnny and the Hotrods have been replaced.
  11. ...on Saturday 15th January from 9pm has unfortunately been cancelled until further notice. Instead we have English Tea Academy with Boothy, Rich and friends back for the first time since summer. So come along if you can and support local Live Music. Pretty Please. x
  12. This gig will now take place on Sat January 8th from 9pm. Free Entry as always. x
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