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  1. When comparing with, for example, Uswitch, make sure you compare gas and electric with separate companies. It used to be that dual fuel was always cheaper, but this time round I found I could save loads more by switching my gas to a company called Daligas and my electric I kept the same as it wasn't much cheaper and the company (Good Energy) provides 100% renewable and we don't mind paying a little premium for the knowledge that its doing a bit for the climate. Just something to keep in mind as all companies seem to try and push dual fuel because its saves you money, but in reality it doesn't always.
  2. Well the email we got about our deposit being returned (which is yet to arrive and I doubt it ever will) was from Amanda Perry and her email signature says: Fancie is the trading name of F&C Trading LTD A company registered in England and Wales. Reg no 08818610 So F&C Trading LTD appears to be the new company and also it appears Amanda Perry is still running the business and not someone else as was mentioned in the article by The Star.
  3. Me and my missus are really peeved off with this as we booked in for her birthday and paid a deposit for their food night on the 16th January. They called us late that day to say they had to cancel as they didn't have enough bookings. We paid a £10 deposit for this that I'm guessing we'll never see again, can't believe a company that was in the process of going bankrupt would take someones deposit and then cancel the meal at such short notice. That is terrible business practise!
  4. Drove past the house earlier that the person crashed into as its just around the corner from me (was a bit annoying it was closed earlier). The house is in a real state its all smashed in on the corner, looks like they've had someone come in to do a temporary job to stop the wall collapsing as its being propped up by some hefty sized pieces of wood. Lets hope they can fix the house and not have to knock it down
  5. the future of binary is quantum anyway, if your idea is so fantastic then you should get in touch with a University with regards to doing a PhD. I can give you contacts for SHU and University of Kent (Canterbury) if your interested, both good Uni's for IT research, so is Sheffield, Loughborough, Napier... and anyway, you can't redefine binary as all binary is is a set of 0's and 1's... which then get translated by the processor into instructions and data
  6. Its a Peugeot 107... I fitted the front speakers and head unit myself, but I'd rather someone who knows what they're doing wire up the back speakers and amplifier... taking carpets up etc is too much faffing about for me!
  7. Not sure if this is the right section for this but wasn't sure where else to put it... Anyway, I want to get some rear speakers and an amplifier fitted in my car, just wondering if anyone knew any decent places in Sheffield to get this done for a decent price? I live in S12 so something this side of town would be nice if possible. Thanks
  8. thanks people I'm no longer in the 18 - 21 age group 22 seems so old!
  9. having used Vista for a while now I'd say pretty much everything I've tried works with Vista, theres been a few programs that took a little extra effort to get working... like Borland Together which I had to install with win 2000 compatability... same with another Borland java related product. The biggest problem is driver's, there still isn't an official driver for my soundcard... Creative Audigy 2 ZS... and the nvidia graphics drivers are still lacking some of the features they had for XP, like controlling the GPU fan speed and such.
  10. I'm currently running Vista Business, which I got through MSDN for free I've not really had any major problems with it so far, I've had one application that was a little difficult to install, but I managed it eventually by running it in win 2000 compatibility mode. Vista is a lot more visually pleasing than XP, probably the nicest feature is the ClearType, which is in XP but not enabled by default... which basically means that almost all text is now a lot nicer to read. 3D application switching is quite interesting too, helps you find the right application quicker and easier if you have a lot open. Some of the security stuff is a bit of a pain in the ass though, but its only really like linux whereby a lot of tasks are done by the administrator/root user... so really they're just getting more in line with how security should be... its just that your average user is used to Windows doing everything the wrong way and normal users having far too much power.
  11. I'd be tempted to build myself if I was you, the thing you really need to be looking at component wise is the sound card, make sure it has a decent dedicated sound card... none of this onboard stuff! Also probably a graphics card that has HDMI through DVI so that you can watch stuff on a HD TV at 1080p Aside from that I think any machine with a newish processor and a gig of ram would work... most likely you'd want to build it to be as close to silent as possible
  12. That's happened to me too, I went into a panic attack almost, it just went with a loud bang that scared the hell out of me! Wasn't fun that's for sure!
  13. Theres a maplins in town and pretty much any computer shop will sell that cable, including Curry's and PC World etc
  14. do you mean a VGA cable? something like this: http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?TabID=1&ModuleNo=97365&doy=10m1
  15. I have NAD C320BEE Amp NAD C521BEE CD deck JPW ML310 speakers on some mission stands I got it from Moorgate Acoustics and it sounds great I dont understand why people shop at Richer Sounds, almost half their stock is brands of their own company, Gale, Cambridge Audio... they're owned by Richer Sounds, they're poorly made usually hence why they sell them for cheap and do "great deals" My friend's on his 3rd Cambridge Audio amp in 2 years... but he assures me that they're good quality he's just been unlucky his £200 Gale floorstanding speakers that were an "awesome bargain" are very muddy and sound terrible, but it doesn't really matter all that much to him playing hip-hop and stuff at stupid volumes
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