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  1. Why are there not big signs before you get to the island telling you which lane to be in for your desired exit. No point having road surface markings when they are under the lines of cars.
  2. What tha thronged we (what is it you are doing that is taking so much effort)
  3. Brought up here, so many changes. Remember the little toy shop under the bridge as a child? always used to look through the window when passing.
  4. Street Force are correct in what they have told you: http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/maintenance/street-lighting
  5. Ecclesfield Handbell Ringers are very good, the Singers will be too. This concert is to raise funds so that the church bells at Ecclesfield can have major overhaul carried out. Bell ringing is a traditional English art, in danger of dying out in many places and bells fall in to silence. Ecclesfield ringers are good, they want to keep theirs going. All us that were married at Ecclesfield probably had the bells rung for our weddings. Please conside going to the concert or making a donation to their appeal. Don't let Ecclesfield go silent or electronic.
  6. Campanology - bell ringing at Ecclesfield, have a look at http://www.ecclesfieldtower.org.uk
  7. I think the purpose of the traffic lights on The Common is to hold up traffic from Chapeltown and Cross Hill so that the Morrison's junction does not choke up. The cycle priority lane and it's dedicated traffic light have been covered with a bag so you can't see them ever since the traffic lights were put in.
  8. Ecclesfield Handbell Ringers are still in existence, they must have had many local people in the team over the years. Anybody recall any of them from years gone by?
  9. There was a large wooden bandstand on this site. Lovely thing, quite large, with an underground storeroom for chairs which they used to place around the bandstand in the summer. It was still there in the 90's but succumed to vandalism. Chapeltown Band played there regularly. It was a main feature of the park. Chapeltown Park is a shadow of its former self, it was WRDC's main shrub showpark and had lighting up the paths to the bandstand, a drinking fountain nearby, a large pavilion in lath and plaster style near the playground.
  10. oowashi wi. Washiwithee, orwashi wiesen
  11. Square coloured lights set in to the inner face of the fountain at water level. The colours faded up and down to a set sequence. It did look good when it wasn't attacked by fairy liquid. Remember the Sheaf Square fountain? A pillar of transparent blocks lit from inside with a solid jets of water. Finally the one at the back of Debenhams in the long oblong trough, is there any photos out there?
  12. Just can't stop themselves interfering with traffic flows in Ecclesfield and Chapeltown. Nothing that has ever been done in this area has made things better. Someone will have realised that motorists might have been able to travel fast for a few hundred yards in the area and stopped it. Why don't they address the real problems of massive lines of standing traffic at The Common, Green Lane, Chapeltown Island, etc. Many people take the alternative route through Ecclesfield village which is just making the whole thing a serious and dangerous farce. It seems to me that there is much more risk in the village from shortcutting vehicles avoiding standing traffic than some cars on the USL section of Nether Lane.
  13. Listen with Mother, Music while You Work, Mrs Dale's Diary and The Archers are my earliest 1960's memories. Who remembers Radio Prune?
  14. I can remember the shop which was there before the chinese takeaway, it sold general grocery type things. Nigel will know who owned it, I seem to think it was Haigh's. The semi's along that part of The Common were built around 1932. If there was a pond only people around 80 years of age will know of it.
  15. Most were taken out as a result of constant vandalism during the 80's and early 90's. They were either broken at the base, lost the brass/stainless steel bowls or the jet assembly. Plus hygiene concerns.
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