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  1. thanks everybody i have used your suggestions and now i am thanksssssssssssssssssssssssss
  2. thank you friends but i did try iTunes but this program is just copy and exchange songs and musics only i need something which can backup and copy everything like PC site. so i will be able to copy all contacts, calendar and messages in to my computer. is there any ideas? :-O>
  3. hi everyone i need link or pc suite for iphone. i am looking for free copy other wize tell me the best way to syncronize the iphone :-(
  4. What is the different between I phone mobile locked and unlocked? is unlocked only works with O2 sim card only and if it's unlocked is it work completely with any other sim without any problems and what's you suggest
  5. i am looking for i-mate maintenance shop in sheffield could you guide me!
  6. Hi friends I have new mobile called I-mate ultimate 6150, unfortunately a screen broken now but the phone is still working fine. I visited 2 small workshops but they were not able to fix it Please do you know any good workshop/person can repair it. Thank you a lot
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