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  1. IanSheff No its not the official household enquiry form. I have just received an email from SCC below: I can see you have made an online application on the 5th of November, it has failed to match with DWP, that’s why we have requested evidence. If you send a copy of your passport then everything will be resolved and you will be able to vote.
  2. So the council sent out the normal form to register to vote, completed this online and expected that to be it...….wrong SCC have asked for supporting documentation which is information they already have (Council Tax) or 3 pages of other supported documentation. What I find strange is that I have not had anything like this in the last 25+years. Has anyone else received this? Thanks in advance
  3. I have to agree it is the drivers that are dangerous. The other day I was driving down near the s bend where a car had pulled over and was indicating to pull out. I let them out to be amaized that they proceeded to do a 3point turn in the road if anything had come round the bend it would have been messy.
  4. Thanks dars35. had a walk down Attercliff and not sure I would feel that safe to be honest..Will give it a bash
  5. Hi All, Looking at going fishing in the rivers around S6, anyone advise of where is Ok to go? cheers an6y
  6. Has anyone seen the big bkack bird flying found Stannington. Not sure what it is but the wing span is a good couple of feet.
  7. Cowgap at Dungworth is great place, and Loxley fisheries as well.
  8. Did you get any further with this? I'm in the same position signed a contract with occasional travel, doing over 10,000business miles which seems excessive without a company car or allowance.
  9. My understand chap asked if anyone uses Elite. I responded advising that the fil uses them for his disco and he recommends them. Am I missing the point as I thought the guy was asking if anyone had used them....wasn't aware that it was going to end up in a mardy tantrum. Let the barrage begin
  10. 57plate Discovery not sure of what TD version that comes under
  11. It's free to fish mate, have to pay to park though. Let us know how you get on
  12. Hi Grifff Have you fished Crookes yet, if so what was it like and is it worth a visit. cheers An6y
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