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  1. A group of Sheffielders are currently running a crowdfunder to republish one of the books by my favourite Sheffield radical son Edward Carpenter! Has anyone else read any of his work? He lived at Millthorpe near Chesterfield. He regularly used to get over 1000 people to his talks in the late 1800s. Sheffield was a lot different back then. He also had a cafe on Scotland Street!
  2. We're also sentimental and nostalgic, so everything becomes the good old days eventually!
  3. Getting some good press coverage today. http://www.worksopguardian.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday-dave-allen-admits-he-regrets-getting-involved-at-owls-1-8203179 Dave Allen has revealed in a new book it was a mistake getting involved in Sheffield Wednesday. In an exclusive extract from Owls: Sheffield Wednesday Through the Modern Era, Allen has lifted the lid on his four-year chairmanship
  4. Different season mate. 06/07 we were 4 points off. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006%E2%80%9307_Football_League_Championship
  5. Well I exaggerate a bit. We almost got the play-offs. Might have if Scott Carson's loan hadn't finished meaning we were left with Chris Adamson for the vital last few matches.
  6. True, there was some dross in that time, but there were some great moments i.e Cardiff 2005, almost going up to the Prem under Laws when we had Brunt, Whelen, and Boughera. The promotion under Megson and Jones when we pipped United. The excitement when Strafford became Chairman. And the matchday tickets were cheaper.
  7. Getting short term accommodation can certainly difficult though, something more affordable than living in a hotel, but without having to sign a long term contract. The accomodation is more of a long term plan, so things might change over the course of the first year. They're nearly at 50k so looking promising for them at this stage
  8. http://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/dom-howson-column-there-is-a-positive-vibe-around-sheffield-wednesday-1-8192085 Christmas present sorted. Gonna be a challenging read though, a lot of ups and downs!
  9. The Directors and the 20 or so people who went to the initial meetings decided that they didn't want to go down the AVC route because they didn't want to inconvenience the landlords in the event of the community effort not being successful. ---------- Post added 20-10-2016 at 18:51 ---------- Also, isn't it six months rather than six weeks?
  10. I don't think they claim that it is going to, only that it could happen. And it could I guess, down the road if a pubco does buy it and change the ethos. A lot of the people who use the Gardeners do so for its community ethos. If they went, it might not be a profitable concern. It could also make a nice Sainsbury's local, and there is definately precident for that. I guess a lot of this is depended on the timing of the Cannon brewery demolition.
  11. I don't believe that the upstairs area (Floor 1 and 2) are currently used for anything. So the public area currently available wouldn't be reduced. Also, the business plan is just a suggestion made by the interim Directors in order to secure funding, so who knows what will happen! The possibility of it been knocked down or converted is a possibility, considering how much of the adjacent area is earmarked for development! The warehouse next to it for example,.
  12. That's one way of doing it I suppose. Neepsend is a fast changing area - the Peddlers Market is bringing in a lot of people - and once its redeveloped the pub will have a greater clientele. There's a lot of potential.
  13. Having spoken to them, £100,000 is the minimum amount they think they can raise in addition to a mixture of grants/loans. Of course, the more they raise from the share issue, the less reliant they'll be on these.
  14. That's exactly how it works. The interest is a thank you for putting your money in for three years. I think the directors can organise it so the shares aren't returned immediately, so they can work around it. I guess this is where the smaller shareholders are valued, as taking out a £100 quid can be worked around more easily.
  15. I think there is, it says the limit you can invest is 20k ---------- Post added 18-10-2016 at 19:35 ---------- Their business plan is on the crowdfunding website. The pub is a freehold and is owned by the current landlord and lady. Take a look!
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