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  1. Hello everyone, I have just watched the new doctor who episode, which I really enjoyed, but does anyone know where the jacket that clara (Jenna Louise Coleman) wears is from? Apologies if this is in the wrong section.
  2. Thank you for all your replies, but you always get one on a rant don't you, beansforyou, I can quite easily walk with my pram from the end if the car park if need be, I was merely asking where the parent and child spaces are, these spaces are preferred as we are actually considering the other cars parked next to us, we need to be able to open the rear door a good distance to get the car seat out. May I also suggest if you can't answer the question in the thread don't bother posting, if you want a rant or debate I'm sure you can start your own thread. Thank you again to everyone else.
  3. I am going to meadowhall for the first time since having my son and wonder if you could tell me where the parent and child parking spaces are, are there some in each car park? Which car park would you say is the best/easiest? Are there lifts from the underground car parking? Sorry for all the questions
  4. Does anyone no if they have any left at Crystal Peaks on PS3, or at the Morrissons nearby?
  5. I am planning to book my first driving lesson any day now, I have never driven before and am planning on having a 2 hour lesson. I can't decide what time of the day to have my first lesson, usually I will be having them in the evening, but I was thinking that for my first time i would have it in the day time? Does it really make a difference?
  6. unfortunatly i dont think things look good, im not a nurse or anything so im not too sure, just conversations overheard.
  7. I work in the northern general and yes im afraid to say it was a shooting
  8. I have been reading through old valentines threads and they all seem to be about what romantic things men are doing or buying for their other halves. Well I want something nice to buy for by boyfreind for Valentines day but i'm stuck for ideas, I bought him a ps3 for xmas so i could get him a game for that but it's not very romantic, so any ideas, lads what wouldyou like to get - sensible ideas!
  9. i know what download means thanks, if you have a look at the sites, it isnt one whole document, and i dont have time to copy or save each individual page onto my pc, thats why i have asked for a downloadable copy ie., click on a link and the whole document is saved to the location that i set. I asked the question in the hope that someone would be helpful, so if you cant help but reply with a patronising comment then please do not bother.
  10. Thank you but i am not looking for an online version i want to be able to download the whole thing to my pc, so i dont have to go on the internet everytime i want to view it.
  11. Does anyone know where i can download a copy of the latest edition of the highway code, i would like the option to read it whilst sat at my pc. Thankyou
  12. has anyone eaten at the hilton hotel restaurant? And is it open to members of the public? Im lookin for somewhere to go for a meal, we don't want it to be too busy and we want to be able to stay for drinks after we have finished eating and not to be rushed out, please help
  13. Im looking for somewhere to go for a birthday meal on Saturday and have been looking at The Yard and Zuccas, has anyone eaten here before, what are your opinions?
  14. we are going to st ives in a few months and i wondered if anyone knows of anything special / really nice to do or go in st ives that i can surprise my boyfreind with?
  15. My parents and sister are comming to visit next weekend and whilst we have plans for the evening, i am stuck on what we can do in the daytime, any ideas are much appreciated
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