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  1. I am off to Manchester for 3 days to seek out ale pubs
  2. Interesting question, what is a pub ? What is the difference between a pub and a bar, maybe thats another topic (West Street has plenty of bars). My opinion is a pub is a place where you can sit down have a nice pint and chat, or in my case play word brain. I have seen many changes in sheffield over the year as I go visiting pubs for my Top10 as well. We are getting beer bottle shops now selling ales, either on keg or cask, but are these pubs, I dont class them as pubs but its the way forward and no doubt they will be more popping up next and year after. Then we have micro-pubs popping up, basically a closed shop turned into a bar, or is it a pub, well its happening and no doubt we will see more next year and the year after. One thing we will see next year and year after is brewery pubs popping up, they seem to be more in Sheffield now. Looking forward to your Top10 as well,
  3. I have booked the week off, I shall be down Wed to Friday, as its was packed last year and the best ones went in no time. If Saturday is like last year I wouldn't bother, more than half ales were gone and all was left was pale ales, loads came in, walked into the tent, had a look and walked out to upstairs, it was embarrassing for Sheffield as a beer capital (supposedly). A friend came Saturday to try stouts, porter and none on.
  4. I heard something the other night where he might be going, but not saying anything just yet incase as I was only half paying attention and also had a few as well Back to Sentinel - I was in there last Sunday (was really dead) and had a Great Heck ale in one of those awful half glasses with a funny shape and worked out at £4.20 a pint. Nearly fell off my chair.
  5. I walked past it this week and a notice is there saying it is closed for maintenance, not sure what that means, but to have all the windows covered in both pubs is suggesting something else. This is a pub which irritated me as it was lovely inside and had loads of ale pumps but lacked direction on good ales, most were just the standard pale ales which were not over 5% Hope Tap and Tankard don't close soon as I like it in there. Maybe all of the pubs will re-locate somewhere.
  6. Thats a great review, I have been thinking of doing this walk for ages, first 14 miles in a day put me off, then had leg problems for a couple of months but maybe later in year. Would you mind if I put a link to this on my website.
  7. Yes I went last week, the inside hasn't changed much apart from the football pics gone and they have a pool table now. 6 ale pumps and previously it was the same ales on 2 pumps so only 3 choices, they are not going down this route and had 4 different ones on, local ales the theme there.
  8. The beer has improved, tastes nice as well. The Chantrey Arms down the road has another ale pump now.
  9. its that time of the year again so here is the code to join : 1114972-287411
  10. Always go to this beer festival, details are here http://www.hopevalleybeerfestival.com/hope-valley-beer-festival/index.html
  11. This is my Eccy Rd usual walk, sometimes I continue to walk down Sharrow Lane and continue down London Road http://sheffieldalepubs.co.uk/pub-walks/ecclesall-road-pub-walk/
  12. one of the breweries down as Sheffield - The Brew Foundation brew their ales near Macclesfield at Wincle Beer Company. Although one of them is from Sheffield but I wouldn't class it as Sheffield. Interesting reading as well.
  13. Shakespeare also has porters on and they are much better than what KIT have which are boring. I don't care what the toilets are like. I like others on this post prefer a good selection of ales and Shakespeare is much better. Who wants a mild in a pub. It's not the pulling attraction at all.
  14. No, they moved out of Hillsborough Hotel a while ago.
  15. The usual standard ones: Black Sheep, sometimes Golden Sheep x2 from Bradfield brewery Trooper from Robinsons Brewery Very rarely do they change from the above.
  16. There are 21 breweries in Sheffield, 13 are already on my website, got the other 8 to add If there are more than 21 then I am missing some
  17. The pub is becoming a bit boring ale wise, you can guess whats on before you get there, they are falling behind the times a bit, keeping the same range with a few guest ales. Even their porter and stouts are becoming boring. Shakespeare has IMO vastly improved over KIT with range of ales, and I look forward going there, last time I went I had 3 different halves, something I never do in KIT. Not sure who votes this pub of the year all the time ..... maybe they are also behind the times
  18. Yes you can update them on the tram as well, I use both bus and tram. When it runs out you give bus driver/tram conductor the required money and the card and they put the money on card and give you a receipt.
  19. Oh lovely, due to get one tomorrow, should be fun
  20. Well Sunday is the last day: Beers and Breweries of Bramall Lane – a Walk for Sheffield Beer Week Venue: Starts at The Beer Engine – 17 Cemetery Road, S11 8FJ GB. Before progressing on to additional venues. Date: Sun 20th March Time: 12-3.30pm Cost: £5pp plus booking fee, must book via Eventbrite By the mid-19th century the hamlet of Little Sheffield was a place of workshops, court housing and beerhouses, already little remaining of its agricultural origins. This guided tour visits the area, now home to some of Sheffield’s best beers. Beginning at the Beer Engine (formerly Royal Oak) we will also visit the Old Crown Inn on London Road, The Railway on Bramall Lane ending in The Cremorne. We will also visit the sites of two of Sheffield’s former breweries: Richdales of Bramall Lane, and the Anchor Brewery on Cherry Street. With photographs, memorabilia and stories. As part of Sheffield Beer Week 2016 meet Brian Holmshaw (sheafvalleyheritage.co.uk) at the Beer Engine at 12 noon for three and a half hours. Dress accordingly. And buy your own beer. Booked tickets are entered into a raffle to win a free copy of the brand new CAMRA’s Yorkshire Pub Walks by Bob Steele. Winner to be announced via sheffieldbeerweek.co.uk: “A pocket-sized, traveler’s guide to some of the best walking and finest pubs in Yorkshire. The walks are grouped geographically and explore some of the region’s fascinating historical and literary heritage as well as its thriving brewing scene. The book contains essential information about local transport and accommodation”. https://shop.camra.org.uk/books/yorkshire-pub-walks.html Sheff Beer Week Closing Event Hosted at Sentinel Brewhouse & Taproom Venue: Sentinel Brewhouse & Taproom, 178, Shoreham St. S1 4SQ. Date: Sun 20th March Time: 2-6pm Cost: Free entry Join us at Sheffield’s newest brewery for a celebration of Sheffield’s breweries and vibrant beer scene. Beer, pop-up food stalls and music – what a way to end the week. Free entry, paid bar and food. Watch their progress online: Sentinel Brewhouse Facebook Between 5-6pm Join in our Twitter Hour at Sentinel Brewhouse, with Dave of Steel City @Steelcitybrew on Cuckoo Brewing. There may be a few Steel City specials and collabs to samples! Maybe! See details below. Sheffield Beer Week Twitter Hour: Cuckoo Brewing with Dave of Steel City Brewing Venue: Sentinel Brewhouse & Taproom, 178, Shoreham St. S1 4SQ. Website: http://www.steelcitybrewing.co.uk/main_page.htm / @Steelcitybrew Date: Sun 20th March Time: 5-6pm Cuckoo brewing, for some, is a controversial topic. For Dave at Steel City Brewing it’s not, it’s a way of brewing the beers he wants to make. Join us on the last day of Sheffield Beer Week with co-host Dave ‘Unpronounceable’ as we delve deeper into what cuckoo brewing is for him and find out more about Steel City beers. There will be a couple of samples of special/collab Steel City beers on offer during the Twitter Hour for those attending in person at Sentinel Brewhouse. Afterhours Sheff Beer Week Closing Party Hosted at Picture House Social Venue: Picture House Social, 383 Abbeydale Road, Nether Edge, Sheffield. S7 1FS. Date: Sun 20th March Time: 6pm Cost: Free entry Details to be confirmed, but expect music, beer, beer cocktails, pizzas and late night partying in the mix.
  21. I am off to The bath Hotel tonight and then a trip out to BeerX
  22. Yes the Red Deer seems to stock Stancill on 3 pumps, 1 pump of cider so leavers 4 left, and a couple are usually empty, its not as good as it used to be. ---------- Post added 14-03-2016 at 12:48 ---------- I have no school night until next week Not sure why Anchorage is on the list, terrible for ales, unless you want keg, I usually do The Hop ((BBQ place) as their ales seem to be much better and then head to Dev Cat.
  23. I shall be at the BeerX that evening for 3 hours, I have plans to pop into Shakespeare after but may find them later on if they put where they are on Twiter.
  24. hehehe I was thinking the same anyway. From my 16 beer festivals I went to last year this was my no2 fav, (behind Rotherham one) I also prefer handpulls and it is very well setup, the addition of the rugby on Saturday is a added bonus for me I have even booked days off work to recover for the next day
  25. Yes there was definitely more than 30 handpulls, this is a extract from their Facebook page: from our legendary 30meter 64 handpull bar That's one biiiig bar
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