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  1. Wouldn't surprise me if it accidently caught fire ….. then no option but to knock it down ……
  2. So where has everyone been watching the footie ? I have been to: Fox & Duck Old Queens Head New Barrack Tavern Common Room The Graduate The Crown Inn (Heeley) The Clubhouse The Rising Sun (Fulwood) I shall be watching the England match at Fox & Duck so I am near to Rising Sun (Fulwood) for the beer festival
  3. Lescar are showing the games outside, I was there last night. They have about 3/4 keg on as well, I cannot remember which brewery it was, its on my Untppd. Looks like Graze Inn or what it is called on Eccy Rd (works browser restricted any beer sites) is also showing games, but not sure about Saturday. I did hear Portland House are showing some games but not sure what.
  4. Only saw the 2nd half of Russia vs Saudi Arabia and must say SA were pathetic, their goal keeper was abysmal the only reason Russia won so easy is their opponents made them look good, will be a different task when playing Egypt and Uruguay. How SA qualified is beyond me, when teams like Italy and Holland and Chile are not even there.
  5. Old Queens Head are also showing all the games, they have a big screen for the occasion. Ales though are Thwaites and a couple of guest ones, they also serve food if feeling peckish at half time I was in there last night and enjoyed it, talking to 2 random strangers about football .. as one does when World Cup is on.
  6. Broomhill Tavern - usual Doombar, Farmers Blonde, Moonshine, nice pub and shows a lot sport so wouldn't surprise me if they showing a lot of World Cup. Itchy Pig - micropub and ales change all the time. The York - more of a food place, pub split into 2, one side food other to sit and drink, they have True North ales on and a few guest ales. Bloomery - they have about 4 ale pumps and 5 craft/keg ales on, also a sporty pub. Ales change. Nottingham House - only a couple of ale pumps and always find Timothy Taylor Landlord and Doombar, sometimes Moonshine, their pies are popular, never tried one. Fox and Duck - not been in since refurb and ale change.
  7. They do but none on a Saturday. Was in New Barrack Tavern last night and they are showing ALL matches including Saturday.
  8. looking at the pictures they have 5 ale pumps now, some were Thornbridge, Kelham Island, Bradfield - Farmers Blonde and Doombar. Keg had some Thornbridge on. have 10% discount for Students and NHS staff. Its not saying to me "rush back and pay a visit".
  9. well there you go the Hope Valley will be more on beer as they catch the passing trade. You don't really have anywhere else to go out there so they charge more.
  10. A bit closer to town The Clubhouse are showing ALL the matches. But no craft/keg ales unless you like Stones bitter they have half a dozen cask ales, usually 3 or 4 ciders. The Kickov does sound interesting, might give it a go for one of the matches. I also hear they have no Saturday games on apart from June 30th Found that Greystones are showing a few matches but none on Saturday.
  11. This place http://www.kickov.com/ is showing a few more than just the England games. They are next to Picture Social House, looks a big screen and nice setup, I have asked them if they do any ales, only mentions the word "craft" on their website. The Ball Inn at Crookes - cannot find what games they are showing but I guess they will have a few on with all those screens.
  12. it wouldn't surprise me if Bar Stewards show it. New Barrack Tavern are showing it. Only problem with HOS is they don't put the sound on.
  13. Low Bradfield - The Plough Loxley - Nags Head Inn Millhouses - Wagon and Horses Abbey Lane - Rising Sun Lodge Moor - The Sportsman Walkey - Walkley Cottage Neepsend - Gardeners Rest Ranmoor - Ranmoor Inn Nether Edge - The Union Chapeltown - The Commercial
  14. I walked past it last night and it is still open, maybe they are changing opening hours during January, although it was a bit empty but most of the other pubs I was in were also empty.
  15. some things happening in January 10th January – Wednesday – 7.00 – Meet the Brewer event at Fox and Duck pub at Broomhill, the brewery is Little Critters and they serve their ales in this pub, also there will be bar snacks. You can catch the No 52/52a bus. 10th and 11th January – Wednesday/Thursday – Pinball machines event been going on all week at The Railway Hotel next to Bramall Lane. Serving ales as well. 11th January – Brewdog with ales from Abbeydale, Lost Industry and Steel City 18th January – Thursday – Beer bottle sharing at Ecclesall Ale Club, limited to 14 people. Event is here : https://www.facebook.com/events/1977769452547816/?active_tab=discussion 18th January – Thursday – Stillwater tap takeover at Brewdog 20th January – Tryanuary Blackjack Beer collab launch at Hope Hideout, all weekend is also all things Manchester ales. 24th January – Bath Hotel – meet the brewer with Bad Seed, FREE event (apart from the beer), register here : https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bad-seed-brewery-meet-the-brewer-tasting-tickets-41822066928 19th to 31st January – Tryanuary discovery days at Hope Hideout, follow them on Twitter for showcasing different UK region, with 20% discount on that day. Available in store or online. 25th January – Thursday – Burns Night – beer, whisky and chocolate pairing at The Devonshire Cat, beer pairing with Magic Rock, register here : https://www.facebook.com/events/166637204088552 ALL JANUARY – Head of Steam doing a 25% off selected bottles, look for the red label attached to the bottle. ALL JANUARY – Thornbridge pubs doing a “Beer of the Week” and a poster will be in each pub saying what the BOTW is. 10% off that ale. ALL JANUARY – Neepsend Brewery doing one off special ales, look for them in Wellington, Blake Hotel, Sheaf View, ales are : Rollabout stout, Ottokar, Raki, Djanggawul, Lacuna, Pax, Zipa, Simcoe IPA.
  16. Plus that's only for half a day as there are 2 separate sessions. seems a bit expensive to me.
  17. I have seen a pic on Facebook and its all kegs, no cask. One of the keg lines was 50p cheaper in another pub not so far away.
  18. must say what a shambles it was this morning on the 52, the driver had no idea how to put a 7 day citywide on my card, was stood there about 7 mins and he couldn't do it. Then the journey up Staniforth Road with children wanting weekly tickets on their cards was even more of a farce, he couldn't put any on the £7.50 on a card, some of the children then got a £6.50 weekly paper ticket instead. Kids were getting on bus for free. Thankfully there was x3 - 52`s all together going up the road so kids got on some of the other buses. I understand there are teething problems but the training clearly wasnt enough. I have seen a few twitter posts also complaining so a city wide (excuse the pun) chaos occurred. At least by Friday they will get the hang of it and next week wont be so bad getting to work, which I was late for today.
  19. I am off there tonight after work for a few and then round Heeley pubs
  20. Read in Exposed magazine a new pub/bottle shop is opening on Eccy Road in Oct/Nov Taken over by Brew Foundation and will have 5 cask and 8 keg lines plus 150 bottles https://www.rmcmedia.co.uk/vibe/food-and-drink/article/New-micro-pub-planned-for-Ecclesall-Road
  21. OW is purely just keg, no cask, they have also just started doing 1/3rds as well. Now have 9 keg lines. I have been in Beer Engine recently and the quality certainly hasn't declined. went in last night (Friday) (Old Workshop) and must say it was packed again, its a nice walk from Stew & Oyster and did notice some people were in both pubs, the area seems to be alive now.
  22. Its been open for a couple of weeks. went in recently and noticed a lot of green paint everywhere, the records on the wall, which I liked have all gone. New tables and chairs to sit on. As DnAUk said it does feel more of a cocktail bar and food place, which it was already. Ale pumps have reduced from 6 to 4, 3 of those had True North on and 1 guest beer. I cannot understand why the name change though, don't see the point.
  23. They don't have any cask at all, its all keg lines.
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