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  1. it encompasses a lot of different aspects, Yes they are all bell ringing in some shape or form......... Church bell ringing (change ringing), Handbell Ringing, Carillon ringing, Ellecombe chime ringing ect ect. they are all under the same name but the most popular in england is church bell ringing on a close par with handbells
  2. Unfortunately as most towns are built with a church at the centre it's difficult. The most I know bells being rang for is 6 hours as a competition. I do it as it's a dying art and otherwise there'd be no wedding bells. No celebration bells. Nothing.......thankfully it's very difficult to put a noise complaint in against church bells as most councils recognise there a historic thing. This year there ringing bells across the country on remembrance day as part of a poignant tribute......sure that'll please people!
  3. I have recently started bell ringing in the area and i have to say it is a great hobby and really good to meet new people. i was wondering if there was anyone else out there who learns ---------- Post added 16-08-2018 at 19:37 ---------- To clarify, Campanology is church bell ringing
  4. Croat77, i assume your clued up on pc building? all i know at the moment is its a AMD K7 chip on a socket 7 board
  5. I have to say im impressed with the machine i have acquired. All i did is hoover the case and re-pasted the CPU as its coming up to 20 years old. I will need a video card for it to play some of the more demanding games haha
  6. Well i have just dug out my fathers old IBM Acentia beast running windows 98 at 322Mhz! Question is i can play some old games on there but i was wondering is there any games from back then that people would recommend. I only have 2 or 3 at the moment
  7. Hi Angel, I would strongly recommend putting at least a few fish in as in order for your tank to cycle there has to me nitrates and nitrites into the water to start with, these are things that come from ammonia that the fish produce
  8. Normally death run, prop hunt, murder never ventured onto TTT, I'll have a crack at it tonight. I've recently started to record matches to start uploadingb to YouTube :-)
  9. Direct sunlight will make algae grow making it look green, apart from the eyesore shouldn't really effect it too much, water changes will work temporarily, moving the tank or getting some algae clear from your local pet shop should fix it long term
  10. Hi all, I've recently started playing Garry's mod(YouTube it if you don't know it) and I'm wondering if anyone else plays it? Lemmi know
  11. I've recently got it to go on Garry's mod, love the thing
  12. I have one spare ---------- Post added 21-05-2014 at 14:33 ---------- Clear your inbox
  13. My little brother would love some!
  14. boil the cream and the butter together in a pan with any flavorings, as soon as it boils pour it over the broken up chocolate and stir/fold gently until it has all come together. pop it in the fridge for a hour or 2 until its gone semi maliable, i used a melon baller to scoop the shape and covered it in chocolate strands but i suppose you can use pretty much anything, quick note if you do dairy milk its really really greasy, tesco own brand milk choc is great for this though and if you do white choc use quality.. it helps as i ended up getting about 5 brands in the end until i got the right one that i needed. Hope this helps
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