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  1. Grimesthorpe so about 15 minute walk from Meadowhall. If I lived somewhere more isolated I'd be less surprised but it's a very built up area. Not everyone can walk to the next nearest stops. I've also got kids who are starting to travel places alone and this impacts their independence too. We have complained at our ever decreasing service but it makes no difference. The number of times a bus simply hasn't turned up too mean it's hard to trust you'll be able to get to work etc on time. I feel like they use declining passenger numbers to justify cutting the service but the decline is because the service has already become unusable for a lot of people. As you say, ridiculous 😣
  2. With the changes to the 36 we now have no buses at all after 6pm and at all on Sunday if my understanding is correct. We can't all walk to Meadowhall or down to the x78 route. They provision here had been cut time and again since we moved here in 2004 plus the services that are available getting less and less reliable. We would try to support our bus route but there's hardly any buses left to get on.
  3. I saw the piece shared on social media this morning and found it so moving. I hope the fly past can be arranged in time and I hope the response in general will give Tony some sense that his life long work honouring those men is known and appreciated.
  4. Thank you for posting this, they're really fascinating.
  5. Unfortunately I can't see how to post a photo to prove I have these patches here but a quick Google shows there are dosages higher than 35mcg, I can see up to 70. Obviously these medications are prescribed by someone hopefully in full possession of all your medical information. Other medication you're on might have played a part in why it was dangerous for you to be on 2 x 20mcg?
  6. I've been on a 35mcg patch changed twice a week for quite a long time now. It keeps my pain at a tolerable level meaning I don't need to take as much tramadol or diazepam for break through pain now. I never experienced any real side effects although occasionally I have to cover it with a dressing otherwise it falls off. Both my GP and specialists at the pain clinic monitor my health but overall it's made a positive difference to my quality of life and allowed my pain relief regime to remain static for several years. I'm in my mid 30's and don't want to reach the end of my options any sooner than I have too. I have a very responsible job and am also a parent so it's important to me not to feel doped up.
  7. I think ours is about 1910 but plenty of houses round here have been treated so I guess there are companies offering the service regardless of whether we qualify for a grant. My understanding is the whole house has no cavity walls. I might try searching external insulation and see if that brings anything up.
  8. Slightly off topic but anyone who's had the front of their house insulated how much does it cost? Our walls are solid and the lack of insulation does impact our bills which with ovo we pay £86 a month by DD for a 2 bed mid terrace house. That's he price my husband set and we are going to drop it now we're several hundred pounds in credit. The houses here all suffer from condensation and damp too. We try to ensure the house is well ventilated but have to try and stop it getting too cold.
  9. All we have left in S4 is the 35 once an hour. There's been a sign on the bus stop saying there were changes coming but that's all I've seen. I've looked at the timetable online but it doesn't include every stop so I have to look when it leaves Meadowhall and when it gets to Margate Drive and guess. My husband and many neighbours are giving up and walking further for the x78 but I can just walk to the 35 stop as it is. The service for Grimesthorpe, Wincobank have been unreliable for a long time. It's isolating and makes remaining independent harder.
  10. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread but does this crochet group still exist?
  11. On Wednesday I waited over 40 minutes. My job was picked up and dropped twice until the third driver finally turned up. There was no snow or ice at that point and this isn't the first time it has happened. Not so long ago I was left for an hour and a half outside the Charles Clifford after my daughter had had minor surgery. I'm disabled, can't walk far and am reliant on taxis.
  12. I was in yesterday too and luckily was able to use the little self service section. I mentioned to the lovely lady assisting us navigate quite complicated self scanning options and she said there is always a huge queue because there are so few post offices left. Every time I have been in the staff do seem to be very tied up in passport and visa problems which take them a long time to resolve. I have never experienced them being anything but patient and apologetic over the waiting time and I feel sorry for them.
  13. Nope, that is another ongoing saga. They will sort his lunch - I don't want to risk complicating matters.
  14. Hello Does anyone know of a newsagent that still does delivers? My dad lives in the sheltered housing on Lavender Road and I can't get up to him everyday. I asked in the shop next to the old Bluebell medical surgery but they said no. I've searched online and here but not found anything. Can anyone suggest where to try?
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