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  1. *CALLING ALL SHEFFIELD MUSICIANS* Practice Sheffield is now under new management! We have a brand new website, newly refurbished rooms and you can now book online for 10% off! Come check us out at practicesheffield.com or give us a ring on 0114 2729080 and pop down for a rehearsal! Cheers.
  2. Room available at Practice Sheffield. Perfect for guitar or vocal tutoring. We already run drum lessons and are looking to expand to include other musical lessons. For more information we can be contacted at practicesheff@gmail.com
  3. Hi there, I am trying to sell my studio business, as I also run another limited company that is taking up increasingly more of my time and something (sadly) has to give. I have the business listed with Intelligent Business Transfer, but I am not overly blown away with what they have done so far. (Not much to be honest). Does anyone have any advice on selling a business, as I am now trying to move things along myself by getting the business in front of people etc. Any advice on the whole process and best practice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. P&D Outdoor spaces: http://panddoutdoorspaces.co.uk/ Ask for Phil, check out his site as well there's some artificial grass examples Hope that helps, Luke
  5. Wrote a blog. It's mildly amusing, give it a read: http://ow.ly/Oi9wO
  6. Hi Nikki, Does she like singing? If so check out our recording parties via our link below! A great experience for everyone and all the kids love it!
  7. As the title suggests, we're wanting to update our recording party page with professional photographs in our new live room. (The current pictures don't do it justice at all) So we're looking for a party group who would be willing to let us use pictures of their party on our webpage. This would involve signing consent forms explaining as such. In exchange, we're offering the willing group their recording party free! This would suit a group of 8 girls between 8-14 and their birthday should be before the end of April. If you want to register your interest, please have a look on our blog post and fill in the form; more details of the recording parties can also be found on our site. http://practicesheffield.co.uk/blog/?p=590
  8. Just letting you know, Practice Sheffield now has an up to date online booking availability table. This means you can check to see if we have space without even having to ring our moody staff!
  9. Can highly recommend Rock and Soul Machine! Really professional outfit and a great bunch of people
  10. Absolutely awesome place! John is the business when it comes to BJJ! I would say drop in one day and see them (think they have open mat saturdays so you could pop in then to see john) I only have private lessons due to work commitments. Another idea, if you haven't done BJJ before, check out Kapap Sheffield or Bodyflo (both great places!), as they both do pay as you go training in BJJ so you can see if it is for you, before going to Forge Hope that helps!
  11. Doing a bit of research for a project, could you fill this survey in please if: A) You have at some point studied at college or above B) You have five minutes spare C) You accept my thanks in advance! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VV5NZVF
  12. Would any prizes be helpful for the raffle? We recently gave away four drum lessons and four guitar lessons for a school prize. Let me know and we can discuss
  13. Fancy winning some free recording time? Head over to our Facebook page and enter our competition! Winners announced 1st of October, good luck!!! More details can be found here; http://practicesheffield.co.uk/blog/?p=482
  14. I used to go to kapap (can't any longer due to work etc) but it is a fantastic place to train. Really nice bunch of people who make you feel welcome! I had never heard of BJJ before I went there and now I love it!
  15. We offer guitar lessons, drums lessons and singing lessons at Practice Sheffield. New students can get their first four lessons for £30 Check out our website for more info: http://practicesheffield.co.uk/lessons.php
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