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  1. hi everyone, i am currently signing on, but not claiming any housing benefit, i have recieved my council tax and have been told by people i shouldnt have to pay it if am signing on (jobless). the council tax is for a house which me and my brother bought together so it does have both our names on the letter, however the house is currently vacanct because when we first bought it needed renovation, but since i lost my job the work now at least has stopped, it has been 2 years im just pointing this out becuase i think you dont pay coucil tax for the first 6 months on a vacant house. any advice please should i call the job centre, or the coucil? thank you
  2. found the number, just got off the phone with them, i should be paid by tuesdays, thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks, i was just going to call them now, but my sign on booklet doesnt have the number on it, does anyone have it please.
  4. I usually sign on fridays and would be paid on wednesday, it is now friday and i havent been paid yet, at the moment i do not urgently need the money, but do you think i need to call them? as far as i know its an automated service so it cant be delayed can it?
  5. unfortunatly thats pretty much all i know, i know its a mens gym, and i think the membership is 120 a year, and details would be greatfully appreciated.
  6. Got some left over led, and odd copper pipes, where is the best place to sell them and how would i know am getting a decent price, im in sheffield so local would be ideal, thanks.
  7. your a very funny wo/man. if its 9/10 i guess i should probably just wake up early, does anyone know what time in the US the election booths close just out of curiosity, and then is counted manually or digitally.
  8. just trying to decide weather its worth staying up for tomo. altho i dont see obama winning it, regardless of what the polls say.
  9. thanks for all the help everyone, going to ring them wednesday, if nothings in by tomorrow can manage til then, thanks.
  10. i signed on last week, still balance is zero.
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