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  1. GDPR will allow the person in the video to request the CCTV footage of themselves in the store, submit a formal Subject Access Request (SAR) and they should provide it within 30 days, you will need to provide a photo of yourself, rough times you were in the store and possibly ID. https://ico.org.uk/your-data-matters/cctv/
  2. Sorry for having my cryton head on, 173 is Hoardings to be securely erected think you mean 137 Penalty for wilful obstruction. Either way I think its not very smart to cause more pollution by obstructing the highway and creating huge traffic jams, shame there is no law with power of arrest for stupidity.
  3. Interesting financial report detailing expected collection levels (99%) and in-year collection 95.5% (Section 49/Page 50, real page 18). https://www.room151.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Sheffield-TMS.pdf Indicates company sub-contracted to perform collections is not performing, that's a surprise given party involved, probably reasoning bringing it back in-house and most likely they gave up as they lost the contract due to re-in-housing.
  4. Council Tax collected in Financial Year 2018/2019 by English Councils: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7188187/How-tax-did-council-miss-on.html Sheffield Council: £17,498,000 uncollected from a total amount of £251,949,000, 2nd largest debt in country by total amount owed, 5th worst collection percentage and 322nd overall on list of ALL Councils by % collected. Council Sheffield Council type Metropolitan Council Tax Owed £251,949,000 Council Tax Collected £234,451,000 Council Tax Uncollected £17,498,000 Council Tax Collection Rate 93.05% England council tax collection rate 97.04% Council Tax Collection RANK 322 Business Rates Owed £227,344,000 Business Rates Collected £221,731,000 Business Rates Uncollected £5,613,000 Business Rates Collection Rate 97.53% England business rates collection rate 98.32% Business Rates Collection RANK 269
  5. Carsons was "the shop" for large permi markers in the 90's. The arts shop on campo lane used to sell the 1" wide posca torch style markers. Pinders had a fine collection of buntlack and other art paints in lots of nice bright non car paint colours.
  6. NEVER trust any number or name displayed on your phone, it can all be spoofed. BT and other phone companies are quite happy to take the termination fees and allow incoming junk calls with invalid caller ID information.
  7. The open air tools are pretty good. https://uk-air.defra.gov.uk/data/openair?build=timeplot Select Sheffield Tinsley, select all variables, set the time period to MAX (1990->2017) and do the chart, it shows a downward trend since 1990. If we are now at 2 x the legal levels, what have we been suffering in the past?
  8. Don't think they thought about this one. I wonder how many accidents will be caused by drivers distracted looking at the "artwork" next to the busy meadow hell junction's at either end of the viaduct. What next, disco lights on a large poo shaped plastic cover for the Blackburn Meadows treatment works?
  9. Crawshaws Chapeltown, think the "plain pork" are called something like "Yorkshire Gold Medal". I used to get a lot of the thin ones in 1kg vacuum pack's for export when working away in places where pork products are not normally available.
  10. Some of the infrastructure is the old Demon -> Thus -> C&W, the unlimited product was the best out there as they did not throttle with insane amounts of downloads and ping was very good for gaming. I have been with the original Demon since the £10/month days (c30 years), recently Vodakrone decided that they no longer provide e-mail and set up a dodgy deal with NamesCoo to "BUY" your e-mail domain from them. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/08/16/vodafone_apoligises_for_booting_customers_off_demon/ Corporate response to complaints, bugger off if you don't like it - we don't care.
  11. If they get arrested and charged do the police send the case to the Clown Prosecution Service?
  12. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-to-be-left-with-just-two-public-toilets-under-new-plans-1-7476036 The one in Chapeltown seems to be run by the the local parish council, if I remember correctly this was refurbished a few years ago at the cost of about 60k.
  13. Our black bin was collected earlier as normal, looked like agency workers not the normal crew. BBC Look North were incorrectly stating on both morning and lunchtime news that there would be no collections in Sheffield today. Wonder how many people didn't get their bins collected following BBC's disinformation.
  14. Back in the day it used to be lovely down there with crown green bowling, tennis courts, cricket field and football pitches. Like many of the parks north Sheffield the council neglected them for years and down the line they start building on them as they are now "derelict sites" due to lack of basic maintenance. There is a new planning law being used to build on "parks", Part 12 Town and country General Permitted Development Order (2015): http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2015/596/pdfs/uksi_20150596_en.pdf My basic understanding of reading this and dealing with planning enforcement indicates this is green light to do what they like with no formal planning process.
  15. Next to my house they added a new LED light, this was very bright and shined into the house. After a few complaints and letter mentioning the light pollution regulations they dimmed it, this made little difference so they eventually made a shade to deflect the light away from the house. Since then its been no problem.
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