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  1. I remember my dad hving one of these. When he had a hole in his shoes, he used to ask my mum to fetch a piece of leather from the rag and tag, the sit like a little pixie on the floor mending said shoes.
  2. Seem to remember between Pipworth School and the farm there was a Council works depot. Used to walk along a path on to the fields at the back of houses on Pipworth Road and the back of the school. You carried on walking and got to the woods. Many happy hours spent in there with friends eating blackberries, raspberried and in the autumn sweet chestnuts.
  3. Back in the day when life was or seemed simpler, bonfire night was held on the 5 November, and was looked forward too for weeks before hand. My dad worked for a brewery and always managed to get some old broked wooden beer crates for the fire, someone always turned up with an old chair or settee or both to burn. There was plenty to eat, baked potatoes cooked in the bonfire, home made parkin and bonfire scotch. Fireworks were set off by my dad and whoobetide andone else who was caught touching them. Happy Times
  4. Seen a few posts about butcher Bentall and this has brought back many bad memories. I seem to remember his with ginger hair. Hated that dentist as he used to strap the big black mask on my face then walk away and do something else. I used to wake feeling like l had been walloped many many times. As a result I had a fear of dentists so lost quite a few teeth through not going to dentists.
  5. I remember going on day trips with 'The Steel' on Harborough Avenue. We used to get to the pub and there would about a dozen coaches lined up, Ron Haighs I think, or Haighys as my mum called them. We would be directed to our coach, though parents and grown ups had their own further do the line. We were given a brown wage packet with 10 bob [50p]. If we wanted to wee you had to ask the driver to stop somewere, usually near bushes. Then we would get to the stop off and wait for our mums, have a bottle of pop then all get on the coach to reach our destination, usually Cleethorpes. When we arrived we went went for fish and chips, bread and butter and a cup of tea. The rest of the afternoon was our own. At the set time we all piled back on, settled down and waited to get back to The Steel, where my dad would be waiting for us. They would go for a quick pint and bring me out a bag of crisps and a bottle of pop. Then off home to bed very happy, with a stck of rock and sand in our shoes and socks. Happy times.
  6. I remember my dad when he used the van from work, he would go out and put "the parking light" on. I think one half was red and the other white that was in the sixties I think.
  7. I always spice that were 4 a penny so I got more spice and of course the 1d bubbly, bazooka cos I like the cartoons inside. I seem to remember chewing the bubbly til my jaws ached. Happy days.
  8. When I was small my mum used to take me to look in WG's I remember a glass case full of dancing puppets, Pelham I think. When Redgates took over and went down the Moor and my kids were small, I took them to see the toys. Happy days.
  9. I used to have cocoa, mixed with a little milk and sugar but made with hot water. Can't think what it would taste like now, but back in my childhood it was like nectar.
  10. Don't like dripping on toast, but nice crusty white bread, particularly the crust, spread with nice home made pork dripping. Mmmmmmm can taste it know. my mother in law made the best dripping. Haven't had dripping for years, the stuff they sell as dripping is not the same.
  11. I remeber walking past the farm on the way to play on the fields with my friends. Sometimes the smell of the pigs was strong. I seem to remember it was just below the Sheffield works Dept.
  12. I remeber thhe air raid shelters v well. I was too scared to actually go inside coss I was told a "bogey man" lived inside. I usually got about 2 foot inside the chickened out.
  13. I loved sour cherries, rosy apples and acid drops. Crystals that turned your finger orange, blackcurrent lollies, trafficlight lollies and jubblies any time of year. Also 1d arrow bars.
  14. I remember the Rag & Tag with fond memories, going round there with my late mum, on Saturday afternoon, or Friday when I wasn't at school. It seemed to go on for ever, and when we had had a good walk round, call at Granellis for a cupper. Just read a book called The Potty Edwards What a way to get a living, by Michele Lockwood-Edwards. It's all about the Edwards pots stall. I try to explain to my daughter what it was like in the Rag and Tag, but somehowthe magic gets lost in translation. I can still taste those sweet fishes!!! Ohhh happy days - gone forever
  15. I seem to remember the Cottons, the one I remember was Paul [i think]. I lived near Beaumont Road, the Cottons lived further down Desmond, nearer to Fairfax Road. Can't remember the number though - sorry.
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