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  1. The joseph glover (The Mill) is being demolished as we speak :mad: What a shame. It was a landmark. Everyone knew the Mill. They are building flats on the land i believe. So sad.
  2. Hi everyone, Its now nearly three months since i stopped smoking, nearly anyway! this past week has been a struggle for me, I'm afraid i have had the occasional cigarette over the easter break. I am now on the 7mg patches, but i think i will have another week on the 14 mg patches, as i need to get back on track. I hope everyone else out there is doing well. Hugs bell xx
  3. Hi guys thanks for coming to my thread. A year seems a long time down the road spinynorman but i'm determined. The biggest battle i thaught i would face was coming on the computer, because i would smoke so many cigs while on here, but ive found ive been ok. I still think ok i will have a cig now and then remember, no you dont anymore. and the thaught has gone.
  4. Good morning all, I thaught i would start this thread for anyone who has decided to stop smoking using the Niquitin patches. I have seen the thread using the tablets, but you cant get advice or user experience of the product if you arn't using the same product, cos they may have different side affects, so i thaught i would start my own thread seeing as i am using the Niquitin patches. well done to everyone whatever they are using to stop:D I stopped smoking on the 26th January 2010 at 11.00am, one month less three quarters of an hour ago. I put the first patch on and am still going strong.I have been a smoker since i was 15 years old and now i am 56. I still feel like iv'e lost my best mate at times but glad i have stopped. Iv'e had a couple of glitches but nothing major. If any of you good people out there need some support, a chat :)or a rant :rant:while you are on the journey to giving up, like i do. Then please come and talk to me and anyone else who is on our journey. One thing i ask is that no one comes here to put down or ridicule smokers. I have a passion against that practice. The two things i hated most was a smoker who had given up, telling me how bad it is for you and that i must stop, or someone who has never smoked in their life telling me how i was ruining their life by my smoking. I stopped smoking for me. I chose the time, and now i am on my journey. Come and join me and we can help eachother.
  5. Wow what a great photo DIDO, thanks for posting it xxx
  6. Hi gracie, I used to love the ride to the hospital especially if it was a hot summers day, we lived on the stradbroke estate then and it was a full days outing. I remember dreading the end of my parents visiting time too
  7. Hi mike and thanks for replying, Yes your dad was a formidable man and everyone was in awe of his wonderful gift as a surgeon. I can imagine how difficult it was for you to show your own skills under the shadow of your dad. The work you are doing now is so important and i wish we could find a cure for all cancers. It made me smile when you wrote about the "blank Check" I bet your dad had great pleasure spending the money lol.
  8. Ive found this site which shows the former King Edwards Hospital and now as converted apartments, but im afraid it doesnt state when it closed as a hospital. http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/1151252. Perhaps mike will know?
  9. Hi mike, It's an honour to meet you. You must have been so proud of your dad, he was a great surgeon. Did you follow in his footsteps? I have three daughters and a son and i would have dearly loved one of my kids to have gone into the medical profession but they all find it far too squeemish lol. Your dad gave his all to his patients, and would never tolorate anything but the best from anyone.
  10. Hi silly, I will be sure to ask him if he remembers you all. I was about 18 months old when we moved to stradbroke, mum had a prefab before that and always wanted a brick house, I think she said it was a fairly new estate then. Have you googled to see if there is any info about the stradbroke estate?
  11. Hi silly, yes he was a very good swimmer and i think he swam for the school. I was only little then as he is 9 years older than me. I remember mum telling me he was swimming for the school one time and parents were invited but he had never told her that he could dive, and he nearly gave her a heart attack when he dove off the top board lol. I could never do that, I can't even dive off the side of the baths it scares me to death. He is still a pain in the butt big brother but i love him lol, and looking forward to his 65th birthday in november this year.
  12. Hi Gill and Tosh, Hope you are both ok, Im franks (Toni's) wife arlene, we have been married now for nearly 16 years, would be great if we could keep in touch. PM me Gill. xx
  13. My step daughter Lisa Turton has asked me to start this thread for her, she wants to know if there is any one who remembers her from Norfork School between 1984 -1991. She would love to hear from you. She says Some of her teachers were. Mrs Stanley MrHaigh Mr Pile. Thanks Bell xx
  14. Does anyone know where I can get a Christmas Cutlery set? we have looked everywhere, I would like a set with father christmas handles or handles with something christmassy on them. Thanks Bell xx
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