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  1. Johnson was given his Brexit marching orders by Biden in that phone call (the kite-flying reporting of which in UK MSM was rather funny to observe, from afar). Either Johnson toes the US line and drops the contentious bits of the IM bill, whereby you will see a EU-UK very slim deal in the nick of time... ...or Johnson continues to hedge his bets over Trump (yes, really) and runs the UK both seriously out of favour with the Biden administration, and out of time for any deal -however thin- with the EU in time by January.
  2. Heh, it only becomes "moaning" when the truth starts to get a bit itchy. Before that, and until then, it's "Project Fear" Just ask a Northern Irish consumer this morning: they've just been told by food retailers that supplies cannot guaranteed from January onwards
  3. The House of Lords is quintessentially British. More so than Spitfires, Custard and Mr Bean put together. And accessorilly -and pragmatically- merely a checks-and-balances speed bump in the British legislative system, firmly in the hands and under the full (final) control of Parliament. That has been the lay of the land in the UK for centuries. For such a staunch proponent of Leave, you make for a really poor patriot, more uninformed about your countries' institutions -and their functioning- than most.
  4. Oh sure, I try never to dispel Occam's Razor too easily, but... ...that incompetent at that level of government, is harder to believe than a conspiracy, tbh.
  5. Assuming the message issues are legit...Is it? Really? I mean, in the current context of bare knuckles politics, and with the degree of care and diligence expected at this level of communications (UK/US heads of state, FGS!)... ...you just have to wonder. I can perfectly envision Cummings, or Raab (ForSec), or <another> doing something like this to play up to the domestic gallery, in the same mean spirit as Lord Kilclooney's tweet yesterday. Eton lads playing at geopolitics like a bunch of 6 year olds let loose with the Hadron Collider.
  6. Alright, frigate, we get it: she's not white, and you dislike her enough to defend Kilclooney's tweet... ...so, err, are you after making friends and influencing people too?
  7. Oh please, Anna. We've been over this many a time already, back in the day with Farage, and with others since. Trump, just like Farage, Johnson and so many other populists, are the epitomy of dirty politics (this side of a dictatorship), they are their clearest sympom: that cleaning you're on about, starts with their removal from office and media glare. Then, if you're really bothered about cleaning, you can start looking at the Steve Bannon and Dominic Cummings of this world. These are the handlers for the puppets like Trump and Johnson. For a thorough, whiter-than-white cleaning, you need to go much deeper, into the vested interests pushing and bankrolling these handlers for years and years now. Variously, Murdoch, the Koch brothers, Putin's kleptocratic circle, and a few more. Carole Cadwalladr (and friends) should be your guiding light into that muck-fest. Not Trump, for heaven's sake!
  8. That "fortune" of Trump? You might want to look into that, a bit. For starters. You should eventually make it to his (relatively-recently published) tax returns. Far from draining it, men like Trump dig the swamp in the first place. At times, you truly are a walking posting advertisement for populism, Anna. A little more critical thinking, please.
  9. It's odd to see CarBoot lose his head over the Lords' vote last night, when MPs in Parliament can override that vote anyway they choose, and Tory MPs wil be doing so at the government's bidding. It's almost like CarBoot doesn't know, never mind understands, how legislation gets made in the UK. Irrespective of what noddy Conservative MPs do now, nobody's blinking. Not Brussels, not Dublin, not Biden, not Barnier, not <etc>. And nobody outside of the UK('s headbangers) is buying the EU-blaming narrative, unsurprisingly. Around 5 days to go now, lads. Then it gets really interesting, because the procedural clock is effectively run out
  10. That is absolutely fine, Tory dinosaurs are sure to keep providing plenty more US presidency-related news besides B...the topic of the other thread. This recent contribution by Lord Kilclooney was rather classy, I thought?
  11. Well, if you've seen John Redwood's "warning letter" to Joe Biden over Brexit today... ...it's hard to expect any better debating level from us lowly plebes, tbh
  12. Someone is in for a lot of disappointment before long
  13. I just have to immortalise this post with a quote.
  14. No, I think you (- being those who saw Obama's comment and now see Biden's comment as "threats") should man up, and assume the consequences of your choices, especially those consequences which were spelt out before you made the said choices, instead of looking up for excuses and people to blame. What are you, 12? Wrong thread. Try again.
  15. Except, it was not an ultimatum, but a logical -and therefore fully foreseeable- consequence. Only people displeased by that consequence, would consider it an ultimatum. Biden's message about the GFA is no more of an ultimatum, than Obama's was back in 2016. It's just international policy in action. And paradoxically, Biden coming into the WH is very much a blessing for everyone in the UK - even his detractors and die hard Leavers.
  16. Put aside the fact that it's about 10 months too late to do anything about it (reminder: the UK left the EU in January 2020) then Biden strikes me as a principled head of state who would maintain good relations with the UK, provided of course that the UK reciprocates good principles and so honours its own commitments under the GFA and the more recent Withdrawal Agreement. There is quite a difference between respect for democratic choices, and respect for exceptionalism. One is not synonymous with the other. FWIW, his early messaging to Johnson over Brexit amd Ireland was already orders of magnitudes more statesmanlike, than anything Trump would or could have said (going by Trump's style of record). So here's to some welcome normality back.
  17. So, err, how's that sticking-it-to-the-middle-class vote going for that working class of yours, wherever it has turned to populists like Trump, Johnson, Putin, Erdogan, Duterte out of ignorance after careful and due consideration? Better opportunities for working class kids? I mean, once you've got the new breed of Tory MPs elected by the Red Wall to stop voting against feeding working class kids, that is? Improved public services and care for working class elders? You know, once Johnson and his cabal conferred that enormous 80-seat majority through 'get Brexit done' last December, actually stop stuffing care homes with undiagnosed Covid patients whilst spaffing more taxpayers money on their mates' shelf companies than the mooted Corbynomics ever threatened to? Less social strife, inequality and division? Yeah... What I think, is that there is no arrogance in calling out ignorance for what it is, and that there are all of ignorant, knowledgeable and indifferent voters in every 'class'.
  18. The outcome of the 2016 referendum was fully respected: the UK left the EU 10 months ago. About a week left, before the soft no-deal deadline expires. Better get a good handle of Johnson & Cummings, CarBoot, before Biden makes them BRINO the UK
  19. It is. Only ignorant people could ever be led to believe, that a rabble-rousing wind-up merchant like Trump is a safer bet for improving their lot, than Clinton back in 2016, or Biden in 2020. The issue is, there is an awful lot of them. That is what makes mass populist votes like those for Trump in 2020, such an indictment on the US educational system, at least as much as on other US societal failings. It is not exclusive to the US, either. Politicians dislike too smart an electorate, unsurprisingly. And populist ones, like Trump, Johnson, Putin, Erdogan, Orban, Duterte <etc>, most of all. I get the protest character of such votes by genuinely-disenfranchised voters who really want to 'change the system'. But a smart (enough) electorate uses a protest vote only when it is safe to do so, e.g. in an election system with a run-off built-in. That's e.g. how the LePens (Senior back then, Junior these days) or Melenchons always make decent voting tallies in France in the first round of the presidential election: it's the eliminatory round wherein it's safe enough to protest-vote then...but not in the 2nd round wherein the actual incumbent gets voted in for the next few years. Exact same voting behaviour can be seen time-and-again in many other democracies with similar run-off systems.
  20. Trump is a symptom, not the ailment. Ignorance (-feeding prejudice) is the ailment. And there's been nothing worse to infect people with it over the past few years, than disinformation mass-spreaders like MSM outlets without any editorial rigour (Fox News, Breitbart, etc.) and social media hijackers (Cambridge Analytica, GRU troll farms, etc.) Don't kid yourself that if the UK had a main TV channel like Fox News, some people wouldn't be threatening voting station staffers just like we've seen in the US.
  21. Political opposition is a "bad advert for democracy"? Seriously? I don't recall remainers camping outside polling stations with shotguns, or chanting "stop the vote" or "count the vote" according to exit polls for the location. Do you? I *do* remember plenty of 'snowflake' and 'we won get over it' comments from leavers, however, with the exact same non-inclusive, rubbishing manner as MAGA voters in late 2016. Nothing to do with fact-informed politics, all to do with 'winning' (...what, exactly?) Who are now proving themselves to be either the biggest snowflakes, or the most cretinous, in the US, then?
  22. There is an important point and aspect to US politics behind your post in jest: for so many Americans, politics is all about 'The Big Win', like so many other facets of their ultra-competitive society and culture. It isn't enough to win, the opponents have to be vanquished. At a personal level, that boils down to wanting to belong to the winning team, irrespective of what the game is about and how it's meant to be played. Trump's campaign and communications were always playing on this cultural trait, and still do now.
  23. The point of a low-level fine, like a FPN for (mild) speeding, is to teach, not so much to dissuade. It's a tap on the wrist, not a caning. If you are requiring people to effectively imprison themselves, then the fine for breaching this rule needs to be dissuasive to begin with. In most countries I'm aware of (directly and effectively so, because I have to travel there frequently), the basic Covid rule-breaking fine is a multiple of the basic speeding FPN. Here in Luxembourg, €45 (and no points!) for a mild speeding offence (speed limit + up to 20 km/h), but €135 for breaking basic mask/distance rules, scaling up to €500 for hosting a party with more than max.number of people. It's multiples of these for businesses. A café-restaurant here was fined €4k only the other day, and another barely escaped an €8k fine last month (it was reduced on appeal, not annulled). Next door in Belgium, it's €250 to start with.
  24. Ignorance, husbanded by populist tropes, turbo-charged by social media. In the US as much as elsewhere (miscellaneously and in no particular order) : UK, Russia, Brazil, Philippines, Hungary, Poland*... It's never been easier to get masses to vote against their best interests. The US vote for Trump, after the last 4 years, is all the evidence you'd ever need for that truism. (* Poland might just be turning a corner at last, that said, seeing how Polish women are currently forcing the government to u-turn on the abortion ban) EDIT: and as for the walk in the park/close race...if Biden wins the election by 1 electoral college vote, guess what? He's the next US president and it's mission accomplished, is what
  25. That it would. So imagine the relief when, last July, it was allocated €21.2bn in the next EU budgetary cycle to end 2027. Sure, EU27 universities will still accept wealthy UK students. To get back to the original point.
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