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  1. A bit of an odd request, I know, but better start early as it's for a Xmas occasion.


    A close friend of mine is desperate to get his own arcade cabinet (after seeing mine :hihi:), so I'm on the lookout for any arcade cabs going cheap in the Sheffield/Rotherham/Worksop area, for a real "Xmas surprise" ;)


    Size, type and condition don't matter too much, as restoring them is a growing hobby of mine, so long as the screen is working. But it's got to be a 'proper' arcade cabinet (usually 'Silverline', or 'Goliath' or NeoGeo multi-titles...whatever), not one of those touchscreen "Who wants to be a Millionnaire" affairs or a fruit/jackpot unit.


    Example places to find these are pubs and chippies looking to get rid for extra seating/standing area (+ provided the pub/chippy own the cabs and they're not just sited by an external operator of course).


    Guide prices - £50 to £90 for a standard upright 20" Jamma cabinet, with 1game and in 'standard' condition (not minty, but not blackened from fag burns and hanging together with drawstrings and chewing gum either).


    If anyone has any lead on an arcade cab FS somewhere, PM would be most welcome, maybe even a 'thank you' commission ;)

  2. I think what you argue has been true. I also belive that current events are going to pick your argument up and hurl it onto the rocks where it will splinter into tiny fragments before being swept out to sea.


    Consumer spending is required to keep any economy going, regardless of the more extreme variety down to the credit binge of the last 10 years.


    What makes the difference, is what the spend is based on in the first place: money people have, or money people believe they have.


    UK consumer spending has been excessive for years (relative to the real value being generated, which underpins money people have - not 'equity' or some such other nonsense foistered by financial Co's), and is readjusting. UK growth has been entirely in keeping and -correspondingly- is readjusting.


    Occurrence of the current train wreck was obvious as what-have-you 5 to 7 years ago (which is why I have been 100% debt-free for a very long time ;)).


    I doubt the "current events" will disprove the fact that the UK is a primarily nation of merchants.


    If anything, they are currently proving my point:

    finance/economy in doldrums drummed day & night in any media

    = customers scared of purchasing (the "what if I get made redundant?" syndrome) >

    = retailers on profit warnings overnight >

    = retailer suppliers see client credit terms lengthened (by retailers who have the power...for now) + sources of stock financing sequeezed shut/drying up >

    = retailer suppliers' service providers see client credit terms lengthened (by retailer suppliers who have now run out of cash) + sources of cashflow (o/draft or somesuch) drying up >

    = redundancies throughout the chain >


    then go back to square 1 without collecting £200 and start again, only worse this time round.


    On and on, until 'something' (consumer confidence) boots 'sometime' and money starts flowing throughout the chain again.


    Unless, as you seem to suggest, someone 'changes the model' entirely, in which case indeed economies would scease to rely on consumer spending at its core. I think Marx did? Oh wait... :hihi:

  3. Tail them (discreetly) when they're done *

    Find where they live *

    Search their bins (discreetly) *

    Get hold of whatever ID/details you can find *

    & Subscribe them to a zillion credit cards/other services/this-that-the other *

    Optionally, don't forget to do your Xmas shopping and some, at their expense *


    * This poster does not accept any responsibility for any consequences of any sort that may arise from the carrying out of any of the above in whole or part.



  4. (I'm really trying not to feed, but the lure, oh the lure... :D)


    Hang on a sec' - in your sentence:

    Why should British workers come first in line for a job here. Let employers choose and lets abandon this mimimum wage rubbish. Best person working for a global economy wage.


    ... for my personal edification, can you please tell me what's the link or logic between:

    Why should British workers come first in line for a job here.


    Let employers choose and lets abandon this mimimum wage rubbish. Best person working for a global economy wage.


    Since when do Brits only benefit from minimum wage in the UK? :loopy:

  5. If people don't like the pay on offer, don't work there - simple!


    It's nowhere near that simple, unfortunately.


    This logic only perpetuates exploitation (...of people who have no choice but to take such jobs, at £1 an hour or whatever other stupidly low rate). It took long enough to get rid of exploitative employment T&Cs in the first place (even though I'm sure it's still doing well in these parts, on the back illegals, e.g. cockle-picking Chineses :mad:).


    In that context, EDIT @ the Troll: East Europeans are no better qualified, however they have a lesser employment negotiation threshold - they just want a job, any job (for lack thereof in their home place - although that's been changing fast in the last year) to make a quick buck before returning home with pockets full of cash. That's not a criticism -they graft for it, good on them- just a statement of their end game (of most, maybe not all of them of course). I've seen it at the coalface in Ireland (South) for the past few years: as soon as the economy sneezed earlier this year, half a million EEs went back home on the next Ryanair flight or to the UK on the next ferry.


    I'm as pro-capitalist as the next Gordon Gekko, but favorising the emergence of local sweatshops through the abolishment of minimum wages is not going to solve "the problem" at all. And certainly not going to bootstrap consumer spending (which is, at its core, the main fuel for the UK economy): I can't exactly see a £1 an hour warehouse picker going out to buy a PS3 or a 40" LCD, never mind splash out on a slap-up meal every other weekend or a facial at the local beautician :rolleyes:


    I'd rather UK plc keeps steering towards a nation of thinkers and designers living on license royalties, than 'fall back' on feudal/Victorian employment terms and conditions (from which we'll only have to claw back up), 'ta very much.

  6. Re, checking for stolen property in pawnshops and whatnot.


    I can't emphasize this simple bit of advice enough, but -and this only takes a few minutes at most- make sure you:

    _ if you have one, stencil your items with an invisible ink pen incl. name - postcode - house number,

    _ keep the bills if you bought items new, or printouts of eBay pages (or e.g. this Forum's pages/pms) when bought second-hand,

    _ make a record of serial number of an item on its corresponding bill (and/or in a spreadsheet, but remember PCs get nicked),

    _ take a photo of your items (easy these days with digital cameras!), preferably somewhere recognisable in your house (front of fire place or wherever) + print it,

    _ put all this together in a folder, update the folder when you buy/sell stuff.


    Sounds like a lot of effort ...but believe me, it's nothing compared to what effort you'll need to make in order to get anything out of your insurance or to get your item back from a pawnshop (if you don't).

  7. Loob - not sure what you were trying to say in your post above, as you quote something I never said.


    "look into getting a patent for the design etc, not copyright"

    Did I invent that? :huh:


    I merely noted that it is a patent they need, not copyright, which is something completely different, but likely they are just getting the lingo mixed up.


    As I said - you intentions are well-meaning, but the problem is that, in the process, so are you (getting the lingo mixed up).


    Getting a patent on a new development does not exclude copyright protection (in the preparatory material - drawings, descriptions, this-that-the other... hell, even in his or her opening post!).


    Getting a patent on a design is unlikely, unless the design has a functional advantage (in which case the patent is about the functional advantage, not the specific or prototyped design).


    If the design is purely functional, design protection is precluded.


    If it is not "only" functional, then that's an indication of lesser patentability, however the design might be capable of registration (if registration is desired - it will help to obtain external finance, certainly, but noweher near as much as a patent application).


    But then again, if funds are tight, the OP can rely on unregistered design right - although reliance on that and disclosure will void any chance of obtaining a patent.


    Etc, etc, etc.


    Look, I'm not here for an argument, nor to make you look a fool or, generally, p*ss on your shoes.


    It's just that IP has specific terminology, procedures and legal aspects, and specific use for the terminology, and the perpetuation or misuse of terminology (especially for people who require advice about it but are clueless about it in the first place) only contributes to make things harder to understand, not simpler.


    Hell, I regularly run into BL professional advisers (and from may, many, many other quangos and suchlike) who don't have the first clue about the above, but that's where they should begin (yet don't appear to have the reflex to consult, or refer their clients to, professionals :rolleyes:), because in the days of China-makes-everything-on-plans, IP is all Brit innovators have got, be they Joe Plumber or a HiTech startup.

  8. You can't "register your idea so that it is copyrighted". There are ways and means of obtaining registered rights for your idea and prototype, but it's pretty complicated and can't be done 'in abstract' (i.e. without knowing what your idea is).


    Do not discuss/disclose anything to anyone with whom priviledge does not apply (= don't talk to anyone except your family doctor or solicitor :hihi: or, better yet, a patent attorney... ;)).


    Feel free to PM me a phone number for an informal chat in confidence (free of course), but don't post or PM (me or anyone else) any details of your development in here (or anywhere else on the web, for that matter).


    EDIT @ INDIZINE - you can't "get a patent for the design etc. not copyright" (Truth be told, it's well-meaning, but gobbledygook. No offense meant). In future, better advise posters to seek professional advice and leave it at that :thumbsup:


    EDIT #2 - after reading the Stickies, I realise it looks as if I may be 'advertising' services. That is not the purpose of my post. The fact of the matter is, it's just about impossible to advise someone about new Intellectual Property on a public internet forum, without voiding the chances of registration: the most that should ever be said publicly is, basically, "seek professional help first, talk to Business Link (or whoever else) next".

  9. The current problem is that the model used by valuers (based on recent sales) is currently out of kilter. As best I can tell (from personal experience as a current potential buyer) estate agents are still valuing/trying to sell houses at "pre-financial crisis" prices (the last set of consistent data available), perpetuating the over-valuation of yore. And buyers with an ounce of grey matter sit on the sidelines, not simply or only to see how low the market is going to go (& pounce at about that time), but because the current crisis could eventually impact their personal solvability in the coming months/years. Little point taking on a mortgage if the job could be on the line within the year = savings (deposit) wiped if the house gets repo'd.


    It's pretty much all "up in the air" for both sides atm, whereby the only houses that still sell (at least in the S25 area, which is where I'm looking/visiting/offering) are (1) repo's with a price already substantially discounted relative to non-repo's currently on the market (on this week went with a 20% to 25% discount) and (2) non-repo's where the owners are in a bind and need a quick sale (e.g. due to geographical - professional circumstances, end up tied with a mortgage on house + rent elsewhere).


    The market 'overall' is not driving prices down, only market inactivity combined with the above exceptional cases (but which seem to constitute a majority of sales, currently).

  10. Where can you get a working full-size arcade cab with screen that will play multiple games for under £65??


    There's always one, innit :hihi:


    Specialist forums or eBay. £75 will get you a standard Jamma 20" cab in decent nick (maybe even 26"). Jamma = std interface, will accept just about any game (without additional specialist motherboard for earlier games, e.g. Tekken III, or with additional specialist motherboard, e.g. System 246/256 for Tekken IV and later).


    Got my first off eBay for £100 (delivered, del was about the £30 mark) with a brand new game board and fully refurb'd to near-new condition.


    On specialist forums, more often than not you'll also be able to pick clean cabs with or without a screen for free (I've seen both instances several times over). Just got to be quick off the mark, ready to travel for it, and have a big estate or van handy ;)




    @ OP: 360 arcade more & more of a good deal, and if I were you I'd go to ca$h converters and try and find a recent one (check label/serial numbers, as posted earlier in thread) for substantial savings on new - before the Xmas rush begins, of course.

  11. Buy your lad a full-size arcade cab (at less than half the price of a 360) instead :hihi:


    Doesn't do online, doesn't do High-Def, doesn't do GTA (...wait ...that's actually a good thing, innit?). But boy, can it do games! :love:


    ... and earn even more of your lad's ever-lasting love :thumbsup:

  12. Ok, ummm.. what? Sorry but i'm not very techy! :hihi: What's task sceduler? Does that mean it's slow to download? I like to use BBC IPlayer and the likes to stream TV programs in the evenings, would this be a problem?


    Around 2MB is plenty fast enough for iPlayer & streams, depending on resolution of course (for the tech-challenged ;) resolution is the size of the moving image, e.g. VGA is 640 x 480 pixels). Think of it as a pipe you're stuffing with... err... stuff! The smaller the stuff, the easier/faster it goes through the pipe, and of course the bigger the stuff, the slower it goes through the pipe: same logic for streams, with image size (and sound and colour resolution and, and, and... I see your eyes glazing, young lady :hihi:). The idea is, you always want to pick streams that are 'size-compatible' with your actual BB speed, i.e. if you're on a 1MB package, YouTube / iPlayer should be acceptable, just don't select the High-Def option (stuff too big / pipe too small = jerky pictures and sound).


    Task Scheduler is a (very old) standard program bundled with Windows, which lets you 'program' your computer to start programs at specific times, for a specific duration etc. Usually found somewhere in the 'Accessories' program folders. Nothing to do with Plusnet or broadband as such, it's only relevant if you want to do P2P (bittorrent), and it's only one solution amongst many others.


    Plusnet, like many/most other ISPs, throttles ('limits', 'strangles') the bandwidth that can be used by P2P programs like Bittorrent and the like at peak times (don't know specific time, for example let's say "between 19:00 and 24:00"). During that time, normal browsing/streaming is broadband-fast, but Bittorrent downloading is slow to nonexistent. So, e.g., you leave your PC switched on and you tell Task Scheduler to start Bittorrent (and PeerGuardian while you're at it :suspect:) after 24:00, when the throttling stops. Hey presto, torrents downloaded as normal during the night, ready for in the morning.


    Easy ... when you know how, of course :thumbsup:

  13. Throttling with PlusNet is time-sensitive, just don't do P2P at peak times and learn to use task scheduler (or similar) instead ;)


    P2P speeds are fine in wee hours, I'm getting faster speeds on ADSL on a slower bandwidth product, than what I was getting in Ireland on a cable product rated at 4X the bandwidth unthrottled :gag:


    With Plusnet for a couple of months now, because we're renting and they're the easiest option and best value/service when you're limited to short-term contracts. Good reliable service, nothing untoward to report (which is A Good Thing™ :hihi:)

  14. I, for one am fed up with renting. I waste 6 grand a year on rent and have been renting for the lst 6 years. Thats almost 40 grand wasted!! I would just rather buy a house and not have to rent anymore to be honest. Even if it does mean spending slightly more than a house is worth, at least I won't be paying someone elses mortgage and will have a comfortable home that I can settle in and call my own.


    It's not your own until it's paid in full. It's the bank's until then :hihi: (...but I hear ye)


    If you want to glimpse how a 'real' thread about this topic could develop in a while, cop a load of this (5,244 posts - 392,309 views, Dec 2006 start and Aug 2008 'virtual end': the bears won :hihi:) (I used to post on that Forum and in that thread for a while, when I lived there)


    Note that you'll need a bit more than a week's supply of tea and biscuits to go through the lot, but it's all in there, and done to death: bulls, bears, intrinsic value, market dynamics, salary multiples, 100%+ mortgages, mortgage leveraging, BTLs, rent vs acquisition, this-that-the other...


    As an aside, about the thread, I wouldn't be too bothered about saxondale's posts/view, because they are very situation-specific, therefore not really relevant when discussing the question of the thread title on a more general level. Leave the man alone, and the market will vindicate or placate him just the same :)


    By way of 'sides' in here, I'm in the same boat as most of the bears, or maybe even "a boat ahead" as I could buy right now if I so chose. But ya see, with rising interest rates, my deposit net return is growing faster than my rent outlay (and likely to widen still further, as the rent market is stagnating of course: buyer's market here also equals tenant's market), while the asset value (not intrinsic, real) against which to align my deposit is still falling.


    As I've no reason to suspect the guy next door is any dumber than I am, this may explain that ...namely, why noone's buying (even those who can): the proportion of appreciating capital 'wasted' on buying a fast-depreciating asset could be better used buying a better class/level of asset as and when that higher-level asset comes within range, if the market keeps steering as it does for long enough.


    It's basic common sense, not wanting your cake and eating it (or being "given" a house, as some in here would put it ;))

  15. The funny thing is, I get the impression that the estate agents arn't particularly arsed. I thought they'd be phoning us up every 5 minutes!


    Exact same experience here, which only keeps reinforcing my deep distrust of them - especially at the moment, when just about everything about real estate's pretty much t*ts up (financing, values, demand and their respective interactions upon one another).


    Posted earlier (Page 1), abbreviated:

    got to say you are wrng on the EA bit - agents don't care if a house sells for £200k or £220...they need volumes of house sales which is whats killing their busines currently. They are much more likely to advice a seller to get rid cheap.


    Maybe 'round your neck of the woods, but that's not been my experience so far (you'd expect them to roll out a red carpet for the few buyers ready to press the 'go' button at a moment's notice these days (i.e. not in a chain, with bank approval, and a very substantial deposit), yet we've had to call a few of them repeatedly to get updates on offers made days ago).

  16. got to say you are wrng on the EA bit - agents don't care if a house sells for £200k or £220...they need volumes of house sales which is whats killing their busines currently. They are much more likely to advice a seller to get rid cheap.


    Maybe 'round your neck of the woods, but that's not been my experience so far (you'd expect them to roll out a red carpet for the few buyers ready to press the 'go' button at a moment's notice these days (i.e. not in a chain, with bank approval, and a very substantial deposit), yet we've had to call a few of them repeatedly to get updates on offers made days ago).


    I don't have a crystal ball (and am not an EA), but the offers haven't been particularly low-balled, so putting 2+2 together ain't that difficult ;)


    (they are very unlikely to achieve any volume in the short to medium term anyway, and they know it)

  17. I'm looking at a property and have put a couple of offers in and got rejected each time. however im struggling as I don't really know what I am doing (first time buyer y'see). Im thinking my next offer will be 90% of the asking price which is the max i think the property is worth. I think this offer will be rejected too and don't want to go higher although really like it. Should I wait for the vendor to realise noone else is gonna buy it therefore dropping their price or should I just go for it? Its very hard to figure how much a property is actually worth!


    #1 - Figure out your max for any given property (i.e. the 90% for the property you're currently after. Doesn't have to be 'right' or 'wrong' relative to the market, it justs has to be 'right' with you, i.e. you can live with what you paid for the house, even if its value keeps going down awhile after you bought it. After all, house value only matters if you buy or sell, not once you live in it)


    #2 - Put your offer in below your max


    #3 - Be and stay emotionally detached after


    #4 - Don't go over your max, keep looking places up in the meantime


    #3 is the hardest, especially if you're into a bidding war with another potential buyer, e.g. you call it quits at £100k and have to live with the fact that they may have "got it" over you at £101k.


    My £0,02? Estate agents have been doing sweet FA in business terms for ages, they'll be after big commissions to shore up cashflow from higher-value sales, and so perpetuate the artifical high valuations and probably prop the vendors to keep the prices up (based on ages-old 'market price' + padding valuation, whereby vendors would still get at least what is perceived as 'market price after padding is dented by negotiations, but vendors understand 'market price' + padding as the actual market valuation = problem).


    Stick to your max, and leave the vendors to their delusions (and bask when they eventually come back cap in hand, at which time you drop your earlier offer of course - assuming you're still looking by that time).

  18. Tricky had it right (StopnSmile also, but more vociferously :hihi:).


    DippyDore, looks to me like you've finally realised you can't have your cake and eating it, so pick one and get on with it.


    I faced exactly the same dilemma about 5 months ago overseas (with a much more expensive cost of living than even London!), then I decided to do something about it: I have now at least halved our living costs, we're back with a family + friends network, I have buckets more time to spend with my wife & kid, we enjoy proper roads/services/amenities, 99% less chancers in any context (business/shops/service providers/maintenance)... Just happy now, even with a 25% to 30% pay cut.


    It's a decision only you can make, because only you can know if the benefit to your quality of life will offset the potential pay cut.

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